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New Nano-material Creates Energy and a Whole Lot More, Best of All It’s Cheap!

multiusetitaniumdioxideI am all about nano technology and in fact have a large investment in nano-technology in my eTrade account. I’m a big believer that nano tech is one sector you could sink a ton of money into and wait 50 years and see that investment exponentially grow like nothing else.

A new wonder material is just another proof that scientists continue to look to nature to mimic how to create energy and other things more efficiently.

This new wonder material generates hydrogen, creates clean water and even makes energy.

Among all of these things it can do it also has the ability to desalinate water and be transformed into a flexible water filtration membrane.

These scientists have even found ways to recover energy from the desalination waste brine and turn this material into very cheap flexible solar cells.

One of the biggest feats is its ability to double the lifespan of a lithium ion battery. As the US electric grid continues to look for ways to store energy on electric poles near high demand businesses this could one day allow for a transformation of our electric grid from a real-time system to a stored energy system.

I believe through nano-technology we will one day have a battery outside on that electric pole right below the transformer but we still aren’t there yet.

This technology was created at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore being led by Associate Professor Darren Sun.

The most important part of this new discovery is that the material can do all of these things the scientists claim at a much cheaper cost than current available technology.

With the most recent news report about over 80 % of all solar cells being used in the electric grid are under-performing at their budgeted expected price per kilowatt hour it is important to see that to modernize the electric grid with renewables is all about timing.

It is unethical and fiscally irresponsible to buy votes by convincing the public that the electric grid was ready for solar power and wind energy when the technology has proven to be way too expensive and defective.

Consider the large subsidies the government has given these industries to disguise the high tax payer costs of these schemes while enriching their friends who are executives at the same companies that receive these large government contracts like was the case with FirstSolar and Solyndra.

Breakthroughs like this is where the government should be handing out contracts for the American electric grid in response to making our grid more renewable in nature.

Instead the US hands over money to inferior technology being manufactured because the government officials have family and friends that work at these companies.

This new exciting solar science took professor Sun 5 years to develop and is called multi-use titanium dioxide or TiO2.

The substance is formed by turning titanium dioxide crystals into a patented nanofibre. This nanofiber is then fabricated into flexible filter membranes which have a combination of carbon, copper, zinc and sometimes tin.

The awesome thing about this technology is that titanium dioxide is cheap and the material is absolutely abundant throughout the earth.

This substance is photocatalytic which means it can accelerate chemical reactions and allow for easy bonding with water which is called hydrophilic.

There are over 70 scientific papers on the professors work and this new nano-material will likely assist in helping with current energy and environmental issues the world is trying to figure out.

In summary the ultimate goal is to convert today’s waste into tomorrows clean water and energy. With this technology waste water can be converted to clean water while using virtually zero energy. The hydrogen produced may one day be used to fuel cars and power plants to generate electricity. A startup company has already been spun-off from the university that is made up of a team of the professors students as well as some phd’s and scientists in hopes of quickly commercializing the product.



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