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1 Inch Less Of Sea Rise By 2100 Will Cost $500 Billion Annually! An Energy Tax People Cannot Afford

nycGetting One Inch Less Of Sea Level Rise By The End Of The Century Will Cost $500 Billion Annually!

During the last 4 years hurricanes, tornadoes, and other extreme weather events have actually been lower in number than anything since the 1970’s.

Only 2 days after the Sandy storm the claim by some politicians was that global warming was to blame.

Even the UN and most of the scientists working with climate change do not attribute any link from tornadoes and hurricanes to global warming.

So is global warming to blame for hurricane Sandy and the 3 mile wide tornado that hit Moore Oklahoma?

For most people the answer to this question simply depends on how close the question is asked to a recent event like Sandy or the Moore OK tornado.

You will even hear politicians using weather events like this to say we must reduce carbon pollution to get rid of these types of storms.

The fiction promoted by politicians with the help of weather catastrophes is just another tactic used be leftist politicians to promote a global tax on energy.

Germany is already the example of global warming mania by pushing their electricity prices up to around 25 euro cents per kilowatt-hour to assist in defeating man-made global warming.

Now Germany, Australia, and the rest of Europe is in the process of reversing much of this green energy regulative nonsense.

We are not saying being green is bad it’s just bad when your electric bill costs as much as your mortgage payment for the sake of less CO2 in the air.

It’s simply deceptive and an irrational argument when politicians make these claims that don’t even have any scientific basis among the climate scientists themselves.

The accurate picture is that any realistic planned carbon cuts will do virtually nothing for the next 50 – 100 years and this will be at extremely high cost.

If you look at the sea level rise issue which would most likely cause the most damage when it comes to global warming the cost to manage this is enormous.

The cost benefit analysis of lowering carbon emissions to maintain sea levels would be completely out of proportion.

Using climate models, just to get a 1 inch reduction in sea level rise by the end of 2100 would cost tax payers about 500 billion dollars annually.

The 1 inch reduction would still be ineffective to protect against the climate models prediction of world-wide catastrophe.

Getting back to reality, it not only is ineffective but would be a complete misdirection of money.

For one thing it would not protect us against the climate scientists predictions about the sea level rising and taking out cities like New York.

Also consider that without even worrying about what global warming will do there is a 3 % chance each year a category 3 hurricane will develop and take out New York.

This statistical chance of a hurricane taking out New York by a direct hit is always a possibility and as we said earlier, climate scientists agree that there is no connection between hurricanes and man-made climate change.

Kennedy airport would be under 36 feet of water if and when a category 3 hurricane hits New York.

Erecting sea walls, building subway storm doors, and fixes such as porous pavement could go a long way in protecting New York and other cities globally from the hurricane possibility and all at a cost of about 100 million dollars a year.

Pragmatic cautionary measures like this would have prevented much of Sandy’s damage but these practical environmentalism steps are all but forgotten for the sake of reducing carbon emissions and funding green energy via solar and wind.

The solar and wind subsidies barely make a dent in reducing the CO2 to the level that will reverse so-called man-made global warming.

Sandy’s damage was close to a $71 billion dollar price tag for New York and New Jersey and so the meager $100 million annual investment to protect against non-make believe catastrophes like hurricanes seems like money wisely spent.

So in summary should we invest $500 billion annually to avoid just 1/3 inch of a 25 foot hurricane surge or spend 100 million annually to make real pragmatic efforts to protect cities that have a great possibility of being devastated by a hurricane similar to the hurricane that caused 71 billion in damage to New York and New Jersey? And most important to the topic of electricity service, would you want a tax added to your electric bill to help pay for $100 million annually or $500 billion annually?



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