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Comparing Edison and Tesla With Each Other and AC DC Story



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Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla are two hotly debated people and even now you have the Tesla automobile which is a sought after electric powered vehicle that the American government subsidizes at $45,000 per vehicle.

So what exactly are the differences between these two historical geniuses?

These two men had uniquely different brains and backgrounds which made them the historical figures we know today which many both love and hate.

Tesla came up with the Alternating Current which runs through car motors, radio signals, and appliances.

Direct Current was popularized by Edison and runs through battery powered devices, fuel and solar cells and light emitting diodes.

Edison hired Tesla to smooth out problems with his direct current system. Tesla was promised a handsome reward for smoothing out the system which he did saving Edison $100,000 which would be millions of dollars in today’s money.

Edison decided not to pay Tesla a handsome bonus for his help as he had promised and so Tesla resigned and spent the rest of his life trying to discredit Edison.

In 1943 Tesla died lonely and in debt in the New Yorker hotel while Edison had died peacefully in 1931 at his home with friends and family nearby.

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