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Atom Thick Solar Panels Around the Corner

atomthickSource: MIT.edu

Imagine producing solar panels that are lighter than tissue paper and only an atom thick.

Researchers at MIT have developed a way to make solar panels that are robust in many different weather conditions and yet span across just like a regular solar panel but are only 1 atom thick.

The panels are made using nano-materials such as graphene but there is an entire zoo of nano based materials that can be experimented with to create the ideal solar panel at a micro fraction of the cost of traditional solar panels.

The MIT researchers found that these solar panels could be built through a stacking method to produce a thousand times the amount of electricity a typical solar panel could generate.

At this stage its all a 2-D modelling experiment on computers but it is sound science and research on ways to manufacture these panels is under way.

With solar panels that are much less expensive than current panels and 1,000 times more capable I would be all for a government subsidy to get these things out to the public in mass.

The new solar cells generate 1,000 times more power than conventional photovoltaics and they are only 1 nanometer (billionth of a meter) thick.

It’s fifty times thinner than the now bankrupt Solyndra inferior solar cells that were funded by the Obama administration for the purpose of enriching the liberal elite and winning environmentalist votes all at the same time.

When it comes to winning the race on the thinnest solar cell they have done it already because how can you get smaller than an atom?

There are renewable energy projects and subsides that make sense like something like this that offers a real advantage over existing technology and than their are the Solyndra’s and Solar City inferior technology projects that continue to lose tens of millions of dollars a quarter.

Here is to hoping this latest development in solar technology hits the store shelves at lightening pace and moves us into a common sense affordable solution to off-grid solar power.



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