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Peer Reviewed Paper Shows Only 36% of Geoscientists and Engineers Believe in AGW

agwYou know the warmism nonsense we harp on quite often that is used to levy the largest ever tax increase globally on all mankind? Well many super smart scientists don’t believe in the man made global warming hysteria.

Australia is a great example of a country that has adopted CO2 taxes on their energy only to see their consumers electricity prices skyrocket.

Obama is trying right now to bring a similar carbon tax to the USA. This tax would create a huge slush fund of tax money that would be used for all kinds of nonsense besides saving the environment or preparing for real natural disasters such as a category 3 hurricane hitting NYC.

The new peer reviewed paper shows only 36% of geoscientists and engineers believe in man made global warming often shortened to AGW which stands for Anthropogenic Global Warming.

There really is an actual scientific consensus on global warming but it is not what you would expect. Only 36% of geoscientists and engineers even think mankind has anything to do with a global warming Armageddon.

This study appeared in the peer-reviewed Organization Studies. A large majority of these 1,077 scientists that responded think regular old natural processes like the season of summer that happens each year is responsible for recent warming of the planet.

A large portion of these scientists also think that global warming will not be a big problem in our future.

This new survey also is consistent with views held by a majority of meteorologists. The fact that geoscientists, engineers, and meteorologists are all saying this global warmism religion is flat out not true gives one pause.

agw2Thinking back on the recent report that the North Pole ice had been reduced to a lake of water only to find this story retracted by the Associated Press is all the more reason to think these Al Gore UN IPCC paid scientists are simply creating models and predicting awful global catastrophes so they continue receiving the large grants they get to pursue this niche science.

Only 36 % of these scientists that responded fit the “comply with Kyoto” model of global warmism where they believe strongly that climate change is happening that is not a normal part of the cycle of nature and that humans are the main and central cause.

24 % of the survey respondents fit the “nature is overwhelming” model. In this model the diagnostic framing of all this is a belief that changes are natural normal cycles of the earth. This group also strongly thinks that climate change poses little public risk and predict no harm on their personal lives.

The paper: Science or Science Fiction? Professionals’ Discursive Construction of Climate Change

Lianne M. Lefsrud

University of Alberta, Canada
Renate E. Meyer

Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria and Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

This paper examines the framings and identity work associated with professionals’ discursive construction of climate change science, their legitimization of themselves as experts on ‘the truth’, and their attitudes towards regulatory measures. Drawing from survey responses of 1077 professional engineers and geoscientists, we reconstruct their framings of the issue and knowledge claims to position themselves within their organizational and their professional institutions. In understanding the struggle over what constitutes and legitimizes expertise, we make apparent the heterogeneity of claims, legitimization strategies, and use of emotionalism and metaphor. By linking notions of the science or science fiction of climate change to the assessment of the adequacy of global and local policies and of potential organizational responses, we contribute to the understanding of ‘defensive institutional work’ by professionals within petroleum companies, related industries, government regulators, and their professional association.

Paper available here:  PDF version:



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