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46 statements by IPCC experts against the IPCC

The basis of a CO2 tax on electricity service comes from accepting the mandates handed down by the United Nations IPCC which was setup in the first place as a global think tank of scientists with the sole purpose to find a way to prove man-made CO2 emissions is causing global warming.

Other scientists who may disagree are told the “experts” have already proven it but these experts have made their very careers many times by promoting the IPCC theory so why would they disagree about something they have been hired to prove is true?

Why should Texas be concerned? Obama has signed up as a leader aligned with the UN. Cap and trade, CO2 taxes, etc is high on his agenda because it is yet another wealth redistribution strategy and a great government tax slush fund to use for whatever these politicians want.

The tax won’t just be in Texas but in every state. I write these posts to turn the tide of public opinion to assist in pressuring our politicians to no support this stuff.

Check out these statements against the IPCC, they speak loudly against what they are all about.

Dr. Robert Balling: “The IPCC notes that “No significant acceleration in the rate of sea level rise during the 20th century has been detected.” This did not appear in the IPCC Summary for Policymakers.
Dr Lucka Bogataj: “Rising levels of airborne carbon dioxide don’t cause global temperatures to rise…. temperature changed first and some 700 years later a change in aerial content of carbon dioxide followed.”
Dr John Christy: “Little known to the public is the fact that most of the scientists involved with the IPCC do not agree that global warming is occurring. Its findings have been consistently misrepresented and/or politicized with each succeeding report.”
Dr Rosa Compagnucci: “Humans have only contributed a few tenths of a degree to warming on Earth. Solar activity is a key driver of climate.”
Dr Richard Courtney: “The empirical evidence strongly indicates that the anthropogenic global warming hypothesis is wrong.”
Dr Judith Curry: “I’m not going to just spout off and endorse the IPCC because I don’t have confidence in the process.”
Dr Robert Davis: “Global temperatures have not been changing as state of the art climate models predicted they would. Not a single mention of satellite temperature observations appears in the IPCC Summary for Policymakers.”
Dr Willem de Lange: “In 1996 the IPCC listed me as one of approximately 3000 “scientists” who agreed that there was a discernible human influence on climate. I didn’t. There is no evidence to support the hypothesis that runaway catastrophic climate change is due to human activities.”
Dr Chris de Freitas: “Government decision-makers should have heard by now that the basis for the long-standing claim that carbon dioxide is a major driver of global climate is being questioned; along with it the hitherto assumed need for costly measures to restrict carbon dioxide emissions. If they have not heard, it is because of the din of global warming hysteria that relies on the logical fallacy of ‘argument from ignorance’ and predictions of computer models.”
Dr Oliver Frauenfeld: “Much more progress is necessary regarding our current understanding of climate and our abilities to model it.”

You can the rest of these 46 statements from the source: Grumpy Denier Website


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