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Scientists Blast Obama’s Global Warming Myth: You’re Basing Politics on Faulty Computer Models Rather than Science

priusOn Friday, Obama signed an executive order that instructs federal agencies to work with state and local governments to boost preparations for the impact of global warming. Obama’s war on coal has threatened one sixth of America’s electrical output by placing 150 coal-burning power plants on the chopping block – all due to global warming. Citing global warming has already had an effect on communities and public health across the nation, Obama directed infrastructure projects to take into consideration future climate conditions which naturally could result in a higher price tag for new projects or repairs to already existing structures. However, new scientific evidence has surfaced that “the solar activity is decreasing at the fastest rate as anytime in the last 10,000 years”.

Environmentalist Lawrence Solomon wrote in the Financial Post, “Now an increasing number of scientists are swinging back to the thinking of the 1960s and 1970s. The global cooling hypothesis may have been right after all, they say Earth may be entering a new Little Ice Age.”

Read more on this story here: Journal Sentinel

The war on coal has stalled a little as EPA regulations were temporarily halted regarding existing coal power plants. The EPA will host something called “listening sessions” regarding objections about regulating such things as C2 emissions from coal power plants.

The problem is these listening sessions are in places like San Francisco but they completeyl bypass states like Wisconsin that receive 60 % of their low cost electricity from coal.

We all know they aren’t really going to be listening just as no one listened when citizens cried foul about Obamacare.

ObamaAir is another scam to be administered on the citizens of the US and all those who agreed or disagreed at first will come to a more realistic understanding of just how bad it is once it passes.

Keep in mind the CO2 emissions part of the coal regulations has nothing to do with pollution but this false idea called climate change which they say is caused by CO2 emissions.

As this socialism via the EPA starts moving forward there is an ironic twist in all of this as more scientists are coming out saying it appears that the earth very likely may be entering another ice age.

The facts show that shutting down all coal plants will not deter America’s CO2 emissions beyond 3 %. Even if you buy the global warming myth the assumption is that this 3 % drop would give us a .03 degrees Fahrenheit drop in temperature.

We already know that a CO2 drop would not have this type of impact but even if it did that small drop would be useless in controlling the planets climate.

The EPA has now come out and admitted that people would not be able to see any visible impact in the environment by the closing of these coal power plants.

They want you to believe the impacts could only be seen 100 years out and more which allows them to masquerade socialism via sustainability and environmentalism.

While the EPA performs these sustainability tasks Americans may have to watch as the socialistic effort to balance the economies of the world takes effect and our economy is politically destroyed to bring in globally balanced competing markets.

In summary it is important that you follow our lead and raise a stink about this false sustainability ObamaAir movement. It’s a United Nations led initiative to mold a socialistic style global marketplace and there is nothing real about it.



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