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Anti-Climate Summit: global warming is no evidence

polandOrganized in Warsaw Poland by the National Movement, “Anti-Climate Summit”, questions the global warming movement and wants to counterbalance the UN’s IPCC propaganda starting on Monday during the UN climate summit.

Participants known as the “the mobilization” question global warming and the UN’s call for a fair settlement of the Kyoto Protocol and the greater relief in the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions for the Polish.

The leader of the National Movement Robert Winnicki argues that reducing carbon emissions is to block the development of countries such as Poland. – It is an element of oppression by developed economies in forbidding less developed economies like Poland’s in developing more efficient cheaper energy sources.

It is also an expression of ideological preferences, which has nothing to do with a healthy ecology, conservation, and more to do with green fanaticism – says Vinnytsia.

Climate geologist from the University of Warsaw, Professor Leszek Marks says that the human impact on global warming is not proven. – The assertion about global warming by the United Nations IPCC does not match many scientists view point.

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And did you know only around 1150 or thereabouts wrote the IPCC Working Group 1 reports on the supposed science.

And of that that only one chapter in the UN’s 2007 report WG1 claimed warming attributed to human CO2, chapter 9. And of the 62 UN Expert Science Reviewers only 5 endorsed the claim.

Not 4,000. Just 5.

Don’t accept the “consensus” nonsense about global warming. This movement is about expanding the scope of the world governmental organization known as the United Nations.

It’s a socialistic scheme to expand the role of the global government by using a common value like environmentalism to bring in a sovereignty destroying grip on all nations.

Your American electricity does not need to be taxed because of CO2 emissions, your coal power does not need to be regulated out of business because of CO2 emissions and to bring this home this notion of man-made climate change is utter nonsense. Let Poland assist in waking you up to the real agenda behind cap and trade, CO2 taxes, and whatever new name they come up for it next.


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