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A Window into the Future of a Potential Carbon Tax in the USA

The below article excerpt is a great resource of information on the severity of the EPA’s attempt at using a created crisis known as global warming or climate change to exact a new tax on energy. The activist EPA is involved in a lawsuit because of the many false assumptions made about global warming to create this energy tax.

Regardless of the complete lack of proof that man’s small amount of addition in CO2 levels to this already trace greenhouse gas is causing all kinds of global climate worries the EPA pushes on to hopefully bring about a carbon tax that would drastically raise the price you pay for your electric service.

In reality the “climate change” crisis is nothing more than a pre-planned crisis headed up by the United Nations with many of the world leaders backing this agenda in order to create a tax that one day could reshape the socio-economic aspect of all countries involved in these UN mandates.

Global warming actually does not exist and you can find a lot of good, credentialed resources that prove this out (wattsupwiththat.com and thegalileomovement.com are two good ones). In fact the earth has been in a cooling period going on 17 years now which is considered a major problem for these politicians who wish to have you believe the earth is warming. Well respected people from all over the world have refuted the consensus claim and the alleged facts that surround the fake crisis.

This lawsuit is a must read because it gets into where the legal falsehoods reside and makes it easier for people to follow the trail from these falsehoods and read up on the facts that show just how big of a lie this “climate change” really is.

Posted on February 24, 2014 by Anthony Watts

“It is important to read this because it provides a window into the future of a potential carbon tax in the USA.

A look at the behind the scenes legal battle with the EPA over the ‘social cost of carbon’ and looming carbon tax

WUWT has been granted exclusive first access to this new legal document challenging the EPA’s proposed use of calculations on SCC.

While this submission to OMB from Attorney Menton may look forbiddingly legalistic document to many WUWT readers, a number of you may well have signed one or more of the Amicus Briefs and other materials cited in it.It is important to read this because it provides a window into the future of a potential carbon tax in the USA.

I consider it a “must read” for those of you who are very concerned about the EPA’s current and proposed CO2 –related regulations. EPA uses its Social Cost of Carbon estimates to justify all such regulations. And, these estimates are also being used as recommended starting points for future carbon taxes. Enough said as to why it makes sense to read and think about the submission?
If not, you will note it begins by showing that using IPCC’s own words, its estimates of Climate Sensitivity must be treated using what the mathematics of decision theory would call “under “Complete Ignorance Uncertainty.” Therefore, EPA’s reliance on IPCC is hardly justified.

Next, it argues that, in the court room, EPA’s own Endangerment Finding was predicated on three easy to understand “Lines of Evidence,” where each has now been shown to be invalid.”

The three lines of evidence used by the EPA are A. B. and C.

Read the rest of this story here: wattsupwiththat.com


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