June 6, 2018 DonnyE

Electricity Bill So High Resident Becomes Filled With Fury

When electricity usage gets out of hand your electric bill can balloon beyond any reasonable amount. Imagine normally paying $100 a month on average and then in June getting an electric bill for $500.

This much higher electric bill often is not just about a hot summer month where the air conditioner is running more than it normally would. There could be a combination of things going on. I would consider your number one problem ELECTRICAL DEFECTS.

The Electrical Defect

The Electric Water Heater

These high energy bills come from things such as a leaking electric hot water heater. Just like a leaking water line can cause you to get a $500 water bill a leaking electric water heater can cause a $500 electricity bill. Having this issue is similar to you just leaving your hot water faucet running 24/7. This is not a good thing at all and will run through your money quick.

Pool Pump Timer Defect

The pull pump timer sometimes goes bad or must be reset. The pool pump uses a ton of electricity and contributes the most to the yearly maintenance cost of your swimming pool. If this little contraption gets electrically messed up you will pay in higher electricity bill charges. These pumps normally run for just a small portion of the day but leaving it on 24/7 will take a bite out of your wallet.

Heat Pump Performing Poorly

A heat pump is supposed to perform at the correct temperature split. If the temperature split gets out of whack it just means there are some service maintenance aspects of your air conditioning system that need to be checked by a yearly A/C maintenance plan. Twice as much electricity as you normally use can occur if this temperature split is too out of alignment.

Thermostat Set to Emergency Heat

There is a setting on modern thermostats that reads Emergency Heat or something abbreviated in a similar spelling. If this setting is on your winter electricity bill will be twice as high as normal.

Current Leakage

You could have a short circuit at your breaker with a low voltage flow. This type of leakage can be difficult to narrow down and so an electrician is recommended if you believe you have a current leakage of some kind. To troubleshoot you would turn off all breakers, unplug all appliances in the house. Turn the breaker back on and if you register any current flow there could be a leakage occurring but an electrician would be able to tell you for sure. There are certain things in the house to throw this off such as lights on electrical outlets and other tricky things that an electrician could handle easier than the homeowner.


Don’t Forget to Shop for Cheaper Electricity Prices

Hopefully, these ideas give you some places to look for ways to stop absurd electricity bills from ruining your family vacation budget. Be sure to use our website to find an affordable electric rate pulled from multiple Texas electric companies in a detailed electricity comparison. Type your zipcode above to get started.


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