abileneIn Abilene Texas you have a deregulated electric utility area which simply means you can choose from multiple providers and among these many different rate plans.

Being the 25th most populous city in the state it benefits the city to be deregulated as so many people have a way to lower the cost of an essential service like electricity.

The population is right around 117,000 people and about 70 % of the families here have tried changing providers and experienced a benefit in doing so either through price savings or simply in the good feeling that comes from a consumer protest against a prior monopoly provider.

The fixed rate plan in Abilene offers you the ability to lock in for the long term and forget about shopping again for as long as 6 months – 3 years.

Most people choose the most popular term of 12 months because the price is usually close to the best and you can put off shopping for rates at an annual basis.

There are variable Abilene prices on our comparison tool also but we discourage there use unless you need something short term.

With a variable electric rate your price is good for the first month but can go up on you from there. Most of us like myself would prefer avoiding a variable price for electricity and because of this we always direct you to the fixed rates.

I am currently on a 12 month price at my house and we almost always use under 1200 kilowatt hours in our 2,300 square foot house.

The interesting thing is that some older apartment buildings are so inefficient because of thin windows, barely insulated walls, and cracks in doors that you may be single and yet use over 1500 kilowatt hours each month.

Although our comparison chart can find you a competitive price for electricity definitely utilize the energy saving kits you can get at places like Home Depot and Lowes.

With a little weather stripping and the use of this sites comparison tool you should be able to get your electric bill to average below $100 a month.

Another tip to keep your electric bill low in Abilene is to replace any ancient refrigerators you might be using. If your bill seems abnormally high you could have a faulty refrigerator that could be draining that energy all day long.

A good way to check for faulty energy draining appliances is to buy an energy monitoring device out at Amazon.com or a similar site like Ebay.

In summary, our website can help you compare residential as well as commercial prices but it is important to do some basic energy efficiency measures to make another big dent in your savings.

You can expect to save anywhere from $100 – $350 a year by using our services and commercial businesses could save anywhere from $250 – $10,000 annually depending on the size of the facility. To begin, use our compare tool at the top by entering your zip code and get started saving money on electric service.

If you have had a good or bad experience with a provider you have used in the past please let us know. We always like customer feedback from good old Texans in the Lone Star State.

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