arlingtonHome to the Dallas Cowboys and the Texas Ranger, Arlington is one of the country’s fastest growing cities in the country. It’s the seventh biggest city in Texas and the 49th biggest in the United States with a population of about 380,084.

Just think of the electricity service this great city uses and know that our nifty compare tool could save you enough money on your electric bill annually to allow you to come home with a signed Nolan Ryan jersey.

We love Arlington Texas for allowing electric competition into the city which has saved the Dallas Cowboys Stadium and the Texas Rangers a handsome amount of money they can put to the bottom line.

These sports franchises use the money they save on electricity to make their team that much better but beyond that they set an example for businesses and residences throughout the city.

Comparing electricity companies and the rates they offer in a nifty little online tool like what we offer is a great way for anyone living in Arlington to compare and save on electricity service.

We don’t discriminate against commercial businesses or small residential homes. If you need to save money our nifty tool or a commercial energy consultant is going to make sure that happens.

Our business was originally based out of Arlington Texas for about a year so we know all about this great city and how many businesses and homes could stand to lower their electric bill a good 20 – 30 %.
iantxIt’s not all about price when choosing a company and our energy consultants know that and we enjoy listening to your feedback.

We have our own ideas on which providers are simply terrible and which ones are great. We would like to hear from you about providers that are bad and ones that you had a tremendous experience with.

If you are not up to comparing prices using our tool please do others a favor and leave some good or bad feedback about a provider you have used in the past in the Arlington Texas area.

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