brownsvilleBrownsville was established in 1848, and has a population of about 175,494 but it wasn’t until 2002 that residents here could choose an electric company.

For decades you had one choice for where you went to get your electricity and so getting to compare and shop for a price among many providers is a pretty popular thing these days.

If you thought you could get messed over by your monopoly provider that is nothing like getting tricked into a rate claiming to be competitive only to end up spending several hundred dollars more than you planned on.

Our site was built to help Brownsville residents navigate through the many electricity service choices and pick a rate that will give you benefits in terms of price, customer service, and transparency regarding how the rate will appear as a total charge on your bill.

We have a widget that lets you type in your Brownsville zip code at the top of this page. Once you type it in you simply click on compare and a detailed list of suppliers and rates will appear.

We recommend comparing the fixed rates by using the fixed rate tab. You will find that variable prices appear cheaper but keep in mind these prices are only good for 1 month and then they change.

When you go with a variable price it is best to use this type of short-term plan for a short-term situation. What happens is the price will change after the first month but since you get build 30 – 45 days after using the electrical usage you may not realize just how much more you are paying until you get a much more expensive electric bill.

Because of the variable rate confusion that predictably happens with almost everyone we strongly encourage you to compare fixed prices, and set a reminder up in your phone to ring at you about a month prior to your contract expiring.

By setting a reminder you can have a precautionary way of shopping and switching to a cheap rate before your rate ever expires.

You should receive a letter in the mail or email reminding you of the same but a cell phone reminder simply makes sure you get a notification without it slipping through the cracks.

Ultimately you will save money each year provided you are diligent to shop rates each year or renew each year prior to contract expiration.

We hope this information helps you today in choosing the right provider and rate plan for your Brownsville Texas residential electric service needs. If you have a suggestion on a good or bad provider in the area you have used please let us know in the comment section below.

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