July 2008 Houston Residential Electric Rates

Heads up on What is Going on in the Market This Month

Right now the market is still close to a 3 year high. We saw electric rates in Texas go up the entire month of June and now in July we still see energy prices rising higher. Most people have noticed in the news of how oil has reached $148 setting an all time historical record. The energy sector is up across the board and Houston electric rates are the highest in the state of Texas. Houston must pipe in their energy from far off causing line losses. The power consumption and demand of Houstonians causes congestion and they just don’t turn on enough power plants in your town to meet peak demand periods. Because of these issues you pay ridiculously high prices. Last year rates were around 10 – 11 cents kWh. If you are now trying to renew an energy contract or lock in again you will be surprised to see Houston electricity rates about 5 – 10 cents higher then last year.

July 2008 Electric Rate Chart

We have Houston, Harris County, Brazoria County, and surrounding Centerpoint Energy utility areas electric rates listed here from best to worst. A 12 month fixed Houston electric rate is recommended as rates are expected to travel back down. Long term contracts are cheaper, however you would be locking in at the top of the market when the expectation is that electric rates will be coming back down before 24 and 36 months. Many of the electric rates in the chart below are discount 12 month fixed electric rates. By clicking on the links below and signing up online you will achieve a slightly better rate then what that company normally advertises.

May 2008 Houston Residential Electric Rate Comparison

What is Electricity Doing Right Now?

As of May 2008 Electric rates are currently close to a 3 year high and because of this Texas residential electric rates do not look so good right now. Many people would like to wait and renew when rates drop down but there is just no way to know when this will happen. Electric rates could hover at historical highs for several months before they drop back down to prices many people are comfortable paying.

Who We Recommend

We recommend signing a 12 month energy agreement and then trying again next year. Notice: Riverway Power recently cancelled their residential electric customers agreements in mid April according to several people who called in and left comments regarding them so we do not recommend using them as their fixed electric rate is subject to change. Our preferred electric providers at this time are Affordable Energy, Startex Energy and Bounce Energy Guaranteed No Deposit. All of these Texas electric companies have accurate billing, good customer service and low rates.

We are now approaching the end of the month of June and since writing this article rates have continued up along with a barrel of oil and natural gas. Oil and natural gas are trading at all time historical highs and the analysis shows that traders are hedging against a falling dollar by buying energy. The rise in prices can best be attributed to investors and traders trading up the price. This price spike will most likely be a bubble we will see fall but we have no idea when that will be. If you are buying Houston electricity you are exeriencing the worst of it. Houston electric rates are higher then they have ever been right now and higher then the rest of the state.

Nassau Bay Texas

Commercial Energy Rates and Aggregations

Harris County Texas Electric Company Best Rate Comparison

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Nassau Bay is in an area of Texas near Houston that is deregulated. What this means to a commercial business is the ability to choose a competitive electric rate from several electric providers. What Electricity Bid works to do for Texas businesses is to work the electric rate down among the most competitive electric providers in order to provide a truly discounted electric rate then you would be able to achieve on your own. We do this several ways. One way we are able to accomplish this is through our aggregation service. We combine multiple companies into a large aggregate and take this usage out to the providers to compete and bid on. Commercial businesses in the aggregation are grouped based on how they use their energy. For instance, they would be grouped by high medium or low load profile. This allows for the most competitive pricing without any business riding the coat tails of another on order to help them save. This keeps the process safe and discounted for everyone allowing for a win win situation for all businesses in the aggregation.

Using A Reverse Auction To Drive Down Prices

We can also work the rate down outside of an aggregation structure by having the providers enter into a reverse auction where we work the energy price down to as low as we can get it. Electricity Bid then drafts a detailed proposal and analysis showing what the energy rate is made up of and how much the savings comes out to in an apples to apples comparison over your current Retail Electric Provider. If this sounds like something your company would be interested please give us a call at the link below.

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Building Permits

If you are constructing a new facility you will first want to get the needed building permits so that temporary power can be turned on to begin construction. You may go to Nassau Bay’s City website to fill out the building permit form.

Residential Electricity

If you need a low cost residential electricity provider in Nassau Bay Texas you can go to the front of the site and look under the section called “Residential”. We update the site with the most competitive electric providers on a monthly basis. You should be able to find what you need there. These companies have many terms to choose from and two of them do not charge any type of monthly customer service charge which can often times offset what looks like a cheap electric rate.

Electricity Bid – Residential Electric Rate Comparison

Morgans Point Texas

Morgan’s Point Texas is a small city in Harris County with a population of about 350 people. This city is currently in a deregulated area in Texas which means your company or residence has the ability to choose among over 40 different Retail Electric Providers in Texas. Some of these energy suppliers are TXU, Reliant, Green Mountain Energy, Cirro Energy, Spark Energy, Startex Power, Amigo Energy, Suez, Constellation NewEnergy, Champion Energy and many others. If you are needing a competitive residential electric provider the best thing you can do is check out the front page of our site where we update it with the winning energy company on a monthly basis. There you will find links that have promotional codes built into the links so you are guaranteed to get the lowest energy rates that particular company offers. By working out price agreements with the lowest cost providers in Texas we are able to offer our customers not only an analysis giving you the cheapest energy companies to choose from but also special rates with these companies.

Commercial Electric Companies

If you are a commercial business in Morgan’s Point Texas then we can assist your company in obtaining the cheapest electric rate possible by putting a companies energy usage through a reverse bid process. This bid process allows us to work down the electric rate to its lowest point. After squeezing as much of the retail margin out of the rates as possible we put together a detailed proposal showing which company and product will allow for the most savings. Several winning providers are listed in the proposal so you can see the price difference and how we worked down the rate. These providers have the potential to receive more business from us many times over provided they bid the lowest so we use this leverage to make sure we get our customers the best possible rate with no additional hidden fees.

If you have questions about commercial electric rates in Morgan’s Point then please give us a call. You may call us for free at the number below.

If you have any questions about electricity rates and companies in Texas please call one of our energy consultants at 1-800-971-4020

Houston Electricity Rates

High Electric Rates In Houston

Houston has some of the highest electric rates in the state of Texas. The reason for the higher energy rates has to do with the bottleneck and congestion in this metropolitan area. The city just requires a whole lot of energy to keep the place running. The problem is that outlying cities that don’t use as much electricity have been paying for this congestion that Houston is the culprit of.

How To Solve The Energy Congestion In Houston

The Houston congestion problem affecting other surrounding cities is likely going to be a thing of the past when the Texas nodal system comes into affect. The nodal system will allow Texas cities that surround the city of Houston to pay for their own bottleneck problems which will likely be much less congested then the city of Houston. This will allow the cities in Harris County to pay less then the city of Houston for their electricity rate. Very simply, Houston will pay a higher rate for being more congested and other cities in Harris County will no longer be penalized for something that is Houston’s problem.

Need To Find Houston Electric Rates To Compare?

If you happened upon this page looking for what the going Houston Electric rate is at then we have provided both a commercial electric rate comparison chart below as well as some low cost residential providers in the Houston area. You can bookmark this page as we keep the rates updated on a monthly basis and come back to see what rates have done on the next month.

You may call and speak to one of our energy consultants to learn more about available electricity choices in Houston by calling 1-800-971-4020

You may email us with your business or residential information by clicking on this link to go to our contact page. The chart to the right is our commercial electricity rate chart. To compare residential electric rates in Houston please click here.

For a low cost residential electric provider I would go with Spark Energy for now. They have a low cost electric rate with no monthly customer service charge. As of October 17 2007 their rate is 11 cents kWh for 12 months with NO monthly customer service charge.

Spark Energy – The Spark energy promo code is now expired.

If you do not want to be locked into a contract then you might want to check out Startex Power. They have a really good variable rate that follows the commodities market. The rate is low the first month and then follows natural gas there after. You can manage the rate by watching what it will be each month on a page Startex has setup so you are never suprised as to what the rate will be the following month.

Startex Power – Sign up Online
Manage Variable Rate

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