Houston Residential Electric Rates March 2009

We try and keep a history of what Houston residential electric rates have done over several months to give residential energy consumers an idea of what the Texas electric companies are up to when advertising their rates over the year. Some electric companies in Houston Texas have become more competitive and some have become much less competitive as the year progressed. Some of the larger Texas electric providers continue to offer electric rates that are a few cents higher per kWh then a few other reputable electric companies. TXU and Reliant right now are definitely not trying to win customers by being the price leader. You can compare multiple electric rates and electric companies below. Once you have found the company you would like to go with just click on their name and you can sign up online with that Texas electricity provider. The rates are listed from cheapest to most expensive. TXU and Reliant have some of the most expensive electricity rates in the list. This is a snapshot of electric rates as of March 2 2009. These rates may change as the month progresses.

January 2009 Houston Residential Electric Rate Comparison

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Houston residential electric rates have steadily come down this month and when comparing to the summer of 2008 they are several cents cheaper. This last summer we had one of the worst electricity rate spikes in the history of Texas. Because residential electricity rates in Texas have come down so much since this summer we recommend signing up for atleast 1 year. A 1 year fixed electric rate insures that your Houston electricity rate is locked in for the duration of the term.

Houston Electric Service More Expensive then Dallas Rates

In Houston rates are a little higher then they are in the Dallas Texas area and other deregulated electric service cities in the state. Houston’s congestion and line loss issues on their poles and wires contributes to a higher electric rate in comparison to other cities regardless of the electric provider in Houston you go with.

TDSP, Pole and Wires Charges, and Comparing Electricity Rates

When comparing residential electricity rates in Houston do not be confused when looking at commercial energy prices. Commercial energy prices usually just show the “energy only” portion of the rate. When you look at a rate comparison chart showing several commercial energy providers the rates will look much better then they do when looking through residential electric service rates. The reason for the difference in price is that the Texas residential electric rate is an all in rate that includes the pole and wires charges and the “energy only” charges. The commercial rate isn’t any cheaper it just doesn’t have the pole charges included.

Are Commercial Electric Rates Intentionally Deceptive?

Commercial energy providers in Houston are not trying to be deceptive when the rate that is quoted does not have the pole and wires charges included in the energy rate. The reason for this difference is because the electricity provider does not know what the pole and wires charges will be immediately for a Texas business. A Texas chemical plant may pay a penny on top of the “energy rate” while a Curves fitness studio may pay 9 cents kWh for their pole charges. The pole charges are not known until an accurate estimate is completed based on several specs of the facility or the historical electricity usage is pulled from the electric utility in Houston.

All-In Energy Prices

The below Houston residential electric prices include the pole charges and energy only charges. These electric rates are all in rates that include all charges. You may browse through and pick the company, term and electric rate that meets your specific residential electric service needs.

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January 2008 Update

Dec 2008 Dallas Residential Electric Rates

Compare Electric Rates Below

The last few months energy has come down quite a bit a long with the stock market, the economy, and consumer confidence. Even our dollar isn’t doing so good but it has started a climb up. Residential electric rates in Dallas have come down some but not as much as some were anticipating. The problem is when fuel prices drop quickly it doesn’t necessrily have the same effect on the conversion over to electricity. There is a cost associated with converting natural gas and coal to electric power. This cost is called a heat factor cost. When natural gas comes down quickly you will usually see the heat factor go up. This makes it a little difficult to anticipate exactly what electric rates will do when fuel and energy comes down. Below is a comparison list of some of the cheapest electric companies in Dallas Texas.

These rates are subject to change as the month progresses but are accurate as of the date this article was written. To see an updated comparison list go to : Dallas Electric Rate Comparison

Dec 2008 Dallas Electric Rate Chart

Texas Electricity Price Trend November 2008

If you have been trying to keep up with what the price of Texas electricity has been doing this year we have a helpful graph below that shows just exactly how Texas energy prices has been trending this year as of November 2 2008. This graph shown below is actually a natural gas graph but because there is a 90% correlation with natural gas and Texas electricity rates it provides an accurate representation of what electric rates have done as well as giving an indication of the current trend.

If you can see from the graph, natural gas has broken a support level and may trend down further to as low as $4 mmBtu. If natural gas continues to go this direction we could see Texas residential electric rates as low as 7 – 8 cents kWh for a 1 year term and commercial electric rates as low as 3 – 4 cents kWh. This prediction is no guarantee that electric rates will hit these levels but an old trading adage that works well in this scenario is, “the trend is your friend”. If you are currently not on a contract it is still recommended that you lock into some type of rate so you are not put on a high fluctuating variable rate. There are MCPE rates for commercial businesses that work well if you have the wait and see attitude. An Electricity Bid energy consultant would be happy to explain MCPE in more detail if you would like to learn more about this option. Feel free to call us at 1-800-971-4020. If you are a residential electric service customer in Texas you can lock in to a 1 month, 3 month, 6 month or 1 year fixed rate if you are also in the wait and see mentality. Since it is impossible to pick a bottom on a trend I would recommend going with a long term fixed rate if you are risk averse. If you are ok with taking a chance then by all means sign a short term fixed rate and check back to see if electric rates in Texas have dropped even further. The graph below serves as a reference point for those undecided on what they should do. This graph is a very close almost exact example of what Texas electricity prices have done all year.

Texas electric Price trend November 2008

November 2008 Dallas Residential Electric Rates

What to do When Locking in Dallas Residential Electric Rates for November 2008?

The energy markets have been steadily declining and have started to hit some historical short term lows. If this trend continues we could see some very good residential electric rates but trying to pick the bottom of a trend is an impossible task. If you are waiting to do something I would recommend making your hunch and going ahead and signing up on a term even if just for a few months. The reason you should lock into something is due to the high price of a month to month rate. Residential electric providers in Dallas will generally offer a low first month rate on a month to month type of electric service plan but will then raise the rate dramatically after that first month. To avoid a high rate hike you should lock into some type of monthly term. If you are risk averse I would go with atleast a 1 year plan and if you are willing to roll the dice and try again in 3 months I would go with a shorter term like a 3 month or 6 month fixed rate.

November 2008 Residential Electric Rates Comparison Chart

The residential Dallas electric rates below serve as a historical marker of where rates have come as of November 2 2008. These rates will most likely change as the month progresses but you will find indicative prices as of Nov 2 2008 to help you in your shopping and comparing process. If you wish to see current Dallas electric rates we recommend checking this page out: Dallas residential electric rates

Dallas Residential Electric Rate Chart

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