corpusCorpus Christi was founded in 1839 and has a population of about 286,462. Back in 1839 you didn’t have an electric grid in Corpus Christi but eventually people had the convenience of electric power but only one choice.

Now over 280,000 people can compare and choose a cheaper price for their electric service.

If you are relocating to South Texas near Corpus Christi or the city itself it is important for you to know that you can choose an electricity company.

The electricity coming into your home is all the same as you only have that one electric line but providers can charge less depending on how they buy the commodity.

Electric power is generated using things like, natural gas, coal, hydro generation. When a retail electric provider buys these commodities and hedges a wholesale price they often achieve a cheaper price than a big competitor.

Rather than getting stuck on a large brand name look around at your options as many providers offer 12 month fixed rates that are quite a bit cheaper than the old monopoly companies still around.

The most popular term is a 1 year fixed price because the rate is set and remains set for the entire year.

You will see some cheaper variable prices in Corpus Christi being offered but keep in mind they are much like a fish hook.

They dangle a nice looking rate on the hook but in a month that rate usually goes up.

Considering that the provider bills you after you have used your electricity this variable option poses a problem because you don’t find out the rate has gone up until you get your high priced bill.

We encourage you to pick a fixed price always and set a reminder on your phone a week before your 1 year contract is up with the Corpus Christi provider you choose.

By setting a reminder on your phone you encourage yourself to shop around in advance of your rate expiring which will send that rate to a month to month price that is often higher.

Each time you approach your expiration date on your contract you can use our website to find the best price and by doing this you will continually save yourself money each year on your energy.

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