dallasDallas was a regulated electric utility area prior to 2002 and the only company was TXU which many called TU Electric at the time.

A lot has changed since then because TXU is only one of over 20 different retail electric providers to choose from.

TXU was not able to fend off all the competition which can be seen by the billion dollar loses they have been reporting each quarter.

In the last quarter prior to the date we posted this informative page TXU had lost almost another 1/2 a billion.

What caused the most prominent electric company in Dallas to take to the back seat of the bus?

Price has been the main problem that has affected the churn of TXU customers to competing providers.

Many continue to stay with the well-known brand but what we hear is that these loyal customers often keep a higher price on their bill for this loyalty.

I have a stock broker friend that manages older individuals accounts that need income from their life long savings.

He often asks these Dallas residents where he can look to help them find more money to invest so he can give them a bigger return each month.

He told me he saved one person over $400 a month on a residential electric bill a little old lady had with TXU.

He had this lady shop and compare providers on the computer at his brokerage business and switched her over to a cheaper electric company called, Champion.

He has since told me several stories like this.

If you feel like you are stuck paying a higher price than you need to with your electric company, then its time to break your loyalty.

Type in your Dallas zip code in the box above. Our widget compares prices for you and not just price but multiple providers.

Find a rate plan and price that is right for you and order online. We recommend choosing a Dallas fixed electricity service price because you are locked in and your rate will not change.

Although these new providers will send you a reminder before your contract is up go ahead and remind yourself by setting a reminder to go off on your phone or computer calendar a week before your contract is up.

It’s great to get a reminder from your electric company but setting your own reminder will insure you continue to save money on your electric bill each time your contract is up for renewal.

If you let your contract slip through that renewal period when your contract comes up you get moved to a month to month variable price with all the providers and these prices are higher.

As you can see we want you to save money now by we know in a year from now when you need to shop and compare again it is easy for that discipline to slip through the cracks so be sure to set your phone to beep at you so you can go do it again.


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