About Dynowatt Energy, The Texas Retail Electricity Provider

Dynowatt Energy is a Texas electric provider that offers residential electric service in all deregulated cities in Texas. You may live in Houston, Dallas, Tyler, Austin, Round Rock, Killeen, McKinney, or Laredo and are trying to find a cheap electric company in your area. Dynowatt Energy serves all of these cities and more. Dynowatt Energy currently offers several different electric rate plans for residential consumers needing a variable or fixed electric rate. With a variable electric rate with Dynowatt Electric Company you must keep in mind that there are no guarantees that the rate will not change in price after the first month. The pros to being on a variable electric rate is that there are no long term commitments. The cons to a variable electric rate is that you take on all the risk if the Dynowatt electricity price goes up due to fuel price increases. Above are Dynowatt Energy’s fixed and variable electric rates as of July 2009. Currently Texas electricity rates are relatively low this summer although electric rates many times go up in the summer time which is why we suggest signing up on a fixed electricity agreement.

Below Is a Chart Showing Our Preferred Electric Providers and Their Rates

All fees and charges are disclosed in the electricity comparison chart below. A couple of things to mention regarding the chart: If you use under 500 kWh a month in electricity usage Startex will charge you a $4.95 monthly service. Almost all residential electric service customers use more than this so this will not be a problem for most people. Champion Energy has multiple fixed electricity rates with different monthly service fees. When choosing Champion you will be given the option to choose lower or higher electricity prices with different monthly service fees that best fit your situation. Many have asked us “What is a monthly service fee?” The monthly service fee some providers charge is usually around $5 a month and is just a way some providers choose to sell their energy. For large energy users using 1200 kWh or over each month you will find that the monthly service fee is negligible to the overall savings of a cheap fixed electric rate. For customers using less than 500 kWh a month we recommend you pick a Texas electric provider in the chart that does not charge a monthly service fee.

July 2009 Dynowatt Residential Electric Rates

This is a snapshot of Dynowatt’s electricity rates in July of 2009 in the North Texas area. Residential electricity rates change from time to time but this will give you a historical record of what Dynowatt Energy electricity rates look like. Their facts label is a little confusing as it seems to show a rate that is 5/10ths to 6/10ths of a cent higher for customers using 1,000 or more kWh. The monthly service fee of $6.95 is only charged if usage is under 1,000 kWh but the facts label shows rates higher than what they advertise on the rate quote screen. Usually this has to do with the monthly service fee being averaged into the rate although the facts label shows a rate 5/10ths of a cent higher for energy consumers using over 1,000 kWh or more. Since energy consumers using over 1,000 kWh do not have to pay the monthly service fee we are having trouble finding where the additional 5/10ths of a cent comes from. There terms of service on their site does not have a pricing section to explain this added fee.

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