irvingIrving was founded in 1903 and has a population of about 201,358. Located in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, its only electricity provider was once TXU, but now citizens and business can review electric rate proposals that offer many choices.

Our energy consultants have been working hard since 2002 to show numerous businesses in Irving just how much money they can save by allowing providers to bid on an account through a reverse auction.

Irving was one of the first places we began to attract clients to our business. I would actually go on foot door to door and speak with local businesses in Irving when Texas first deregulated in 2002.

Like I am still able to do today I often saved businesses several thousand dollars over the course of a year long contract by switching to a more competitive provider.

We request your electric usage from the pole and wires company like we have done many times before for local Irving companies. With this usage providers are able to bid competitively on your account.

Through the bid process providers must scrape away as much margin as they can as some providers will win your account at the thinnest of margins.

We have what many in the office would consider a love hate relationship with the electric companies. They love us because we bring them new business but they hate that we put them through the auction process.

We are not like the many energy brokers that you will find out there. We are not an outside sales force for one or two providers but work with over 20 different electric companies.

With each new provider we bring into the mix gives you that much more leverage to achieve a cheaper price fr your companies electricity.

What we ultimately can do for you is get your business a cheaper price for electric service than you could if you went out and attempted to do what we do for you.

Save yourself the headache and time by giving us a call and letting us get you started in the shopping and comparison process.

Our contact page is a great place to find our phone number and email us. If you are a residential customer please use our comparison tool at the top of this page.

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