killeenHome to Ft. Hood, Killeen was established in 1882 and has a population of about 116,934. Its only provider was once TXU Energy, but now, citizens and businesses have the right to choose their own electric rates.

We have a brother who lived in Killeen at Ft. Hood and we helped many of his fellow army friends establish electric service in their name who lived off base in one of the many duplexes and apartment complexes in the area.

We are proud to say we give money to the Wounded Warrior Project and plan to do so again this year as we did last year.

When choosing an electric company it is important to consider several factors. For residential customers choosing a fixed price makes all the difference because variable prices go up after the first month.

Many businesses watch their electric bill contract carefully and never let it expire because when your contract expires your rate will go up.

Residential customers are not as apt to watch their contract as close and when on a variable price it is even worse because you may only keep that great rate for 1 month before you get a price spike.

To avoid the hassle of a rate spiking on you we recommend using our comparison tool at the top of this page and only comparing and considering the fixed rates.

The variable prices are good if you have a short-term situation but other than that the fixed prices will serve you best.

Businesses have the added bonus of using our reverse auction process. I personally know of two restaurants in the Killeen area we helped save a significant amount of money on their electricity bill.

The reverse auction puts your electric usage data file or estimated usage out to bid among around 20 suppliers.

These electric companies compete in a bid process that lowers the electric rate you pay as they try to win your business.

We put these rates and plan details in a proposal so you can quickly thumb through and compare apples to apples to decide on a rate.

Our goal is to quickly deliver you a cheaper price than you could obtain on your own and thereby delivering you value in time saved and money spent.

Use our contact page to get started today or if you are a residential customer use our comparison tool at the top.

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