laredoLaredo was founded in 1755 and its population is about 233,152 of which residential homes and businesses have the opportunity to shop electricity companies and choose a rate plan that fits their needs.

For businesses you need an energy consultant that can funnel your choices in a reverse auction where multiple providers compete to win your account. This process works great because we leverage the business we bring providers to have them compete to win new business.

What happens for many of the Laredo businesses we have worked with is that they see a cheaper price for electricity than they could have achieved on their own.

Often we take the usage back out a 2nd and sometimes 3rd time to have the providers inch out as much margin from their price as possible we have a true bare bones proposal showing the best prices each provider has to offer.

The electric suppliers love us for the new business but it is a love hate type of deal because we force them to lower their prices and we refuse to work as an independent sales agent for 1 or two providers which is generally the case with other companies like ours.

The confidence our customers have in using us comes from the fact that we work with around 20 suppliers and represent the customer rather than act as a sales person for an electric company.

When I first started in the energy business I started out working for a guy that basically worked with two different providers and that was it. We were nothing more than outsourced sales agents for these providers.

You will not get this type of lousy representation as you do with energy brokers like I once worked for that do nothing to consult you but try everything to pitch you.

Our profit is paid to us by the provider and our fee is fixed. You do not have to pay our fee as the provider is happy to pay us for bringing them new business.

You will discover the transparency of the consulting process as you receive your proposal showing you the top winning bids and the many different rate plans to choose from.

We do our best to outline how much you will save, how the savings compares with what you are paying now, and what the rate looks like with all charges included.

Although we ultimately want you to be informed to make your own decision we will consult you on what makes sense as the best plan for your situation.

The customers we currently have in Laredo vary from restaurants, dry cleaners, to a hair salon and we are always adding more.

Our residential and commercial customers love us because we our a true consulting company that offers a clear easy to understand proposal. Try us today by using our contact page to call or email us.

If you need residential service in Laredo please enter your zip code in the compare tool at the top.

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