lubbockLubbock was founded in 1876. Home to Texas Tech University, the city holds a population of about 220,483. TXU was once the city`s only electric provider, but now residents and businesses have the right to choose in some areas of the city but not all. .

Choosing an electric supplier in Lubbock is very simple for residential customers because all you need to do is enter your zip code in the compare tool at the top and a comparison of rates and providers will appear.

If no rates appear that means you do not have a choice in your residential neighborhood and will need to use the monopoly provider in your specific area of Lubbock.

For commercial businesses you either fall into a deregulated area or you don’t. If your area of the city is not deregulated then no rates will appear and you will have to go with the monopoly electric utility for your area just like residential customers have to do.

The only way to open up deregulation to all of Lubbock is to have the city vote on it. This voting idea requires that you get political and out of your comfort zone possibly which is hard for most people to do but that is the only way things will change.

For commercial businesses we offer a reverse auction that puts your electric usage through an auction process the providers utilize to win your business.

The winning bids are put together and offered another opportunity to compete against each other.

After much of the margins are inched away we have a final proposal we put together and email or fax to the customer.

Your Lubbock electricity choice becomes much easier with the proposal because we outline it out in a very transparent easy to understand way.

If you were presenting the proposal to a board meeting you most people will be impressed with how easy it is to see an apples to apples comparison along with an-all in rate comparison.

There are such things as TDSP charges, ancillary charges, taxes, customer charges, and even hidden fees. Nothing is hidden in our proposal as the purpose of it is to bring everything to light.

You see the whole entire rate from several winning bids and this gives you an easy way to present to your boss exactly how much money they can save on the bottom line if they were to switch electric companies.

We encourage you to give us a no obligation try. Look for yourself to see if your Laredo business can save some money. If you need residential service be sure to try out our comparison tool as well.

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