mesquiteAn electricity comparison is something every shopper of electric service should use in order to get a feel for where the market is at.

The quick skim of a list of rates will not get you the best Mesquite price for electricity available because a variable price is much different from a fixed rate.

We encourage our customers to compare variable prices with other variable prices. If you are in the market for a fixed rate that is locked in for a year or more than be sure to compare other prices that are also a year-long rate.

Never compare a year price with a 6 month rate as you will not be getting a good assessment of what other offers look like in comparison.

Collect a few of the same term price and compare those with each other.

Find the best of those rates and do the same with other terms. Once you have gone through and compared similar term prices you will more easily be able to make a determination on if you want a 1 month rate, 1 year, or maybe even a 3 year rate.

Prices differ from one term to the next but they are generally close from one provider to the next on similar terms.

The object of shopping rates then has two goals. You want to look at the best rate based on company but also check out which long-term price fits your goals best.

If you plan on selling your home in a year you won’t want to get on a two-year rate even if it is good because you will have to pay a penalty for dropping the contract early.

There are around 130,000 people living in Mesquite and most of them are choosing a fixed rate and I recommend you do that as well.

The variable prices look good but after the first month it will go up in price. A fixed price will be reliable and won’t move on you throughout the year.

To get started use our comparison tool at the top of this page and see what companies and rates are available in your area of Mesquite.

You no longer just have TXU to choose but a dozen other great providers and many often beat TXU in price so check it out today!

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