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If you are a residential electric service customer switching electric providers or moving in to a new home or apartment and need to be approved for credit quickly and avoid a potential deposit then we recommend signing up with a good prepaid provider. You can learn more about this option below. Be sure to choose the “Cheapest Plan and Ask for a Low or No Deposit when calling“. To compare electricity rates and plans with other Texas electricity companies you may use the zip code electricity comparison box to the right or for immediate service call the number below. When using the chart a detailed comparison will pull up showing you multiple electric providers, plans, and prices to choose from.

Check With These No Deposit Choices Below

Order no hassle electric service by calling  1-888-620-3823

Many times you will receive a cheaper electric rate by first trying electric providers that are offering the cheapest available electric rates on a standard fixed rate. You can compare all of these providers on this page: Texas Residential electric rate comparison The problem is that if your credit is bad or you simply have yet to establish credit under your name and social security number you will be asked for a rather large deposit by most electric companies when attempting to switch electric service into your name. This is when the above link to the Texas guaranteed no or low deposit electric rate plan will work out best. You will get switched fast and will know ahead of time that the electric provider will not come back asking for a deposit. If you are ready to check into a no or low deposit electric rate plan then call the number above.

Texas Commercial Power with No Deposit

If you are a Texas commercial business and need to sign up with an electricity company and avoid a deposit then you have a few different options. All electric companies are going to want to check your credit. If you know you have bad or no credit and the electric company is going to want a deposit then we recommend signing a letter of guarantee explaining that if for some reason your company does not pay their electric bill that you will pay it. They will check your social security number and run a credit check on it. You may be able to avoid a deposit or atleast they might lower the deposit amount by doing a letter of guarantee. You can usually provide 3 recent electric bills showing that the bill was paid in full to avoid a deposit with the new Texas electric company you are switching to. If you cannot show 3 recent Texas electric bills being paid in full then I would go back to the first option and sign a letter of guarantee. We have one other commercial no deposit option that is guaranteed and we can look into this option as well although our first goal is to get you on the cheapest electricity rate.

If you would like to know more about Texas commercial energy power and no deposit options then please feel free to contact us below to learn more:

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