odessaOdessa was established in 1881 and now has just around 100,000 people living here. If you live here currently you may remember how TXU was your only choice in electric suppliers.

There was the one supplier and that was it. Now you still can choose TXU but there are about a dozen other viable and affordable electric providers in Odessa that compete quite well against TXU and your electric service is exactly the same.

We have made the process of shopping for a new provider easy by placing a comparison widget on the top right of this page so you can simply type in a zip code and go.

We recommend comparing fixed rate offers as these remain the same for the term you choose and do not go up in price until your contract expires.

It is common for people to let their contract expire and end up paying a little extra for a couple of months before they go out shopping again.

To end this horrible habit we suggest that as soon as you compare and order electric service for your Odessa residence that you put a reminder in your phone to beep around the time your contract ends and tell it to have you go back out to this website.

To always and forever continue to pay a good competitive price for your electric service you must compare and order service but you must also remind yourself and nothing beats having a smart phone beep at you to make this happen.

We are also here for Odessa businesses and have helped out many in the past and continue to do so. Our commercial reverse auction allows providers to bid against each other to win your business.

We put multiple reverse auctions together every business day so you can feel confident that if you call us to assist with this we will be able to put an auction together and come up with the best rate.

Providers save off much of their margin in the reverse auction and you end up with a cheaper rate this way than if you were to try to attempt to do the same thing yourself.

Call us today to get started or use our comparison tool on the top right.

We just worked with a lady named Susan from Odessa last week and she successfully found a cheaper supplier and we know you will be able to as well.

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