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Oncor Electric Delivery is the pole and wires company for the Dallas Fort Worth area in Texas. Oncor also serves several areas of North and East Texas. Oncor’s role is the owner and maintenance company for the poles, wires, transformers, and meters for commercial and residential electric service customers in their territory. If you need to contact Oncor Electric also known as Oncor Energy due to an electric service outage then you can reach them at their phone number below.

Oncor Electric Delivery’s Phone Number

Power Outages
24 hours
7 days a wk

Monday -Friday
8 am-5 pm CST

Compare the Cheapest Reputable Electric Companies in The Oncor Territory

Oncor Electric does not sell electricity service but there are several affordable electric companies that sell residential and commercial electricity in the Oncor Electric service territory. If you need a commercial electric rate proposal from multiple discount electric providers then please click here: Get a Quote

If you need to compare the cheapest reputable residential electric companies in the Oncor Electric Delivery service area than please compare electric service rates using the comparison chart to the left.

Comments (4)

  1. Doyle Bartlett

    To get on the record I would like to report the following.
    At approx. 7:30 on 02/02/2011 the power went off (I assume it was part of the rolling outage). approx. 3 to 4 minutes latter the power came back on, there was a loud pop of the transformer on the power pole at the back corner of our lot and the power went off again. When the power came on and then went back off it caused the one TV to blow, 2 surge protectors to blow protecting the electronic equipment, and it knocked the cover off of a flor. fixture over the kitchen sink. At approx. 7:45 the power came back on and has stayed on without incident. Was the power tripped back on, or was there a unplanned surge that occurred and could that have been prevented.

    Doyle Bartlett

  2. brian cannary

    hey i have been without power for 7 hrs and everything in my fridge is going to spoil i cannot even turn it in that it has been off for 7 hrs not 15 mins

  3. Sandy Seeman

    Thank you for coming to Middletown, New Jersey to help us get the power back on. We all appreciate the work you're doing.

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