planoPlano is the ninth-largest city in Texas, with a population of about 222,030. It was established in 1873. Like other cities and towns in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Plano`s only electric company was once TXU, but now residents and businesses have the right to choose their own rates and companies.

I have an uncle who lives in Plano and he needed help on his electricity service situation. He used this site to compare prices and sure enough was able to see that his 14 cent per kWh rate was nothing like an 8 cent per kWh rate.

He decided to go with the 8 cent rate and was able to get his electric bill under $100 a month. It seems almost crazy but some people will pay over $200 a month thinking that is normal even though current market prices will be much cheaper.

Sometimes you just need a little reminder that it pays t shop around every year.

Beyond just shopping for residential electric rates we offer a detailed commercial reverse auction process for Plano businesses needing to save on electricity.

We have several commercial energy consultants that will have providers win your business as they bid down their rates.

Our commercial electric rate proposal is created to educate you n our process so you see what we have done in a transparent fashion.

In summary we offer an efficient method for you to achieve the type of rate and price you need for your electric service needs.

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