port-arthurPort Arthur was founded in 1898, and currently has a population of about 56,321. In the past, Reliant Energy was the only electric provider for citizens of Port Arthur. However, they can now compare and choose a company and rate of their own.

We have had the privilege of working with some fairly large companies in the Port Arthur area of Texas.

One of the services we provided was a reverse auction to a company that exceeded 15 million kilowatt hours of electric usage annually.

They were in the process of working out an electric rate with a large national electric company.

Our energy consulting company took their electric usage and had multiple electricity providers bid on the account.

As these providers bid they were also bidding against each other t win his business. In the end the rates we were able to show this companies facility manager were much better than what the large national provider was quoting him.

We ended up saving this company around $30,000 annually when you consider the price we achieved for him compared to what the provider he was working with was offering him.

Beyond commercial energy consulting we also offer a residential electric rate comparison service. To try out this residential shopping option please enter your zip code in the widget at the top right.

In summary, we have experience in helping companies in the Port Arthur area that need to save on their electric bill. Give us a call and see how we can help you.


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