richardsonRichardson is a city that one time had only one monopoly provider known as TXU. In this situation if you were a young kid just getting out on your own and the utility asked for a large deposit you simply had to pay it.

You might have been asked for $500 or more as a deposit and there was absolutely no options but to pay it. Fortunately there are now many electric providers in Richardson offering varying rates that differ on things like price, credit requirements, and even deposits.

The city of Richardson has a population that exceeds 100,000 and many of these families could benefit from shopping for a cheaper electric rate. The main issue I find with shopping and comparing prices is the smoke and mirrors you see that confuse the process.

You may see what appears to be a cheap electric rate but then there will be a monthly customer charge that isn’t averaged into the rate. In this situation the rate might say 8 cents per kWh but when you average in a monthly customer charge it turns out to be costing you 9 cents per kWh.

This type of problem is easily solved by our staff as we vet each provider we place on our chart and we average in all fees and charges so you see exactly what your price will be.

Our desire as an energy consulting company is to offer you a transparent process for comparing residential or commercial electricity prices. We have a history of working with ethical companies that have a stable history in Texas.

Many companies have come in to the retail electricity market only to soon leave because of a badly executed business model. Our focus has always been to work with the companies that will be here for the long run.

You want to order electricity from a company that can bill you accurately, offer a cheap rate, and remind you to renew your contract before your contract expires and slaps you with a higher rate again.

In summary we help you sort through the confusion and compare fixed, variable, and no deposit offers so you can make a good decision for your commercial or residential energy needs.

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