round-rockLocated near Austin, Round Rock was founded in 1854. Its population stands around 105,420. Historically, TXU has been the only electric provider for citizens and business. However, they now have the option of choosing their own rates and companies.

In 1851, the beginnings of Round Rock took shape when on the banks of Brushy Creek, near a large round and anvil-shaped rock a community developed. This rock located in the middle of the creek was a designation for a low-water crossing for wagons, horses, and cattle.

Now Round Rock is a successful large city that has many families who live in the area because of companies like Dell.

With so many families it is important the city deregulated the electricity service market to give people a choice in price for their electric service.

Our nifty widget on the top right allows residential customers to compare and switch electric companies very easily.

For many in Round Rock they have the blessing of owning their own business. Businesses can utilize our service to compare among multiple electric companies after they have gone through our reverse auction process.

Once this quick bidding process is over we create a proposal showing you the bids and multiple rate products.

A business in Round Rock using our reverse auction gets a proposal showing a reverse auction and the bids and has a way to look and see the process we go through in a transparent fashion.

Our process has no obligation for our clients but still offers you a great education in how a provider bids for your business.

Even if you choose not to use us you will be educated about how this whole competitive bidding thing works.

In summary, we hope you use us to assist in lowering your rate but at the very least let us put together a proposal for you, it’s low pressure and gives you something to go on.

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