Bounce Energy Being Bought By Direct Energy

deandbeOne of North America’s largest electric companies decides Bounce looks attractive enough to buy and so they shelled out $46 million in cash plus some additional working capital to acquire them.

Bounce Energy leveraged their experience in online, and social marketing they had built in other companies to push Bounce into a major brand in the Texas retail electric provider space.

Bounce was quick from the start to make alliances with online marketers on multiple websites across the web that featured comparison and rate shopping charts.

You would often find larger brands would try to avoid marketing outside their own brands channels but Bounce carefully worked itself into trusted marketing channels which allowed the company to accumulate over 80,000 electricity service customers.

Direct Energy is a large provider we have worked closely with over the years and it comes as no surprise to us that a trusted brand like Direct would want to buy a company like Bounce Energy.

We expect Bounce Energy to remain a separate distinct brand considering the momentum and trust the brand has received in the Texas market. We also expect Bounce to move into many other deregulated states that Direct Energy is in already.

The final conclusion of the buyout should happen in the fall of 2013. There will likely be no noticeable changes in the electricity plans offered, billing, or current marketing efforts.

In summary, the idea that another small company we featured on our website to our customers would be strong enough to be bought out by a large brand like this is another example of the careful consideration we give to the providers we choose to feature in our comparison chart.

Each company is vetted by our companies staff for such things as integrity, honesty, sound contracts, electricity price, and long term viability to remain in the market. Bounce is another example of a company we started with from the beginning that went on to achieve even greater things.

Tips for Selecting a Texas Energy Provider

Independence Day Promo Electric Rate From Bounce EnergyEvery May, our contract with our Texas energy provider comes up for renewal, and we have the power to choose whether to stay with our current provider or switch. In looking for a new provider and/or plan we not only want a good rate, but we first have to decide if we want a contract and what kind, and if we want to use green energy, all the while paying close attention to possible promotions and rewards programs. Here is the process we usually go through.

In order to choose a provider, it is best to start with a plan. The two most common plans are variable rate and fixed rate. With a fixed rate plan you’ll pay the same rate for electricity throughout the term of your contract (which is typically 2 years). The price can change only to reproduce actual price changes that are allowed by Public Utility Commission rules due to changes in law or regulatory charges. This plan is great for people who have a household budget since the rate stays the same, which protects you from rising energy prices; however, if market prices fall you have to wait until your contract is over to switch to a lower rate. If you think you might want to discontinue service after a short period of time, look for a company that does not have contracts or offers short term contracts. Companies that have contract periods often have a minimum term and if you cancel your service before the contract period ends, you might have to pay a penalty.

Variable rate, or often referred to as “month-to-month”, plans have no minimum contract period and are based on current energy market conditions. With this kind of plan, the rate you pay can fluctuate depending on the changes in the electricity market. Which means you can benefit from lowering energy rates and could help you to save on your energy bill. However, just as this type of plan allows you to save money when market prices fall, it could also have a negative affect if market prices rise because so would your electricity rate. For some people, dealing with constant changing electricity rates can be stressful so a fixed rate works best for them. On the other hand, there are others who like being able to always get the best rate and don’t mind searching for it, making a variable rate plan their best option.

Next is to choose between a non-renewable (standard) and a renewable (green) plan. You can check a Texas energy provider’s Electricity Facts Label (EFL) to see if their plan produces electricity from renewable resources such as solar, hydroelectric, landfill gas, biomass, geothermal, or wind. EFLs allow you to easily compare what each company has to offer to find the best fit for your energy consumption and budget. Each label contains the following information:

  • Electricity Rate: This is made up of the electric company’s average price per kilowatt-hour (kWh) for 500 kWh, 1000 kWh and 1500 kWh, as well as a possible monthly customer service charge and seasonal pricing. Rates can differ depending on the number of kilowatt-hours so it’s important to look at your past usage. With some companies the more kilowatt-hours you use, the lower the rate will be.
  • Contract Terms: Some companies have minimum terms and will charge you an early cancellation fee, while others may not require a contract.
  • Power Generation Sources: The electricity provider should list from what resources the electricity is produced (coal, natural gas, renewable energy, etc.) The percentages will be graphed to compare them to the average usage for electricity generation statewide.
  • Emissions: In this section companies provide details on the types and percentage of emissions they create per kWh of electricity generated. The energy provider’s percentages will be graphed to show if the emissions are better or worse than the Texas average. This might be an important section for you if you’re interested in decreasing your carbon footprint.

Once you’ve decided which plan works for you, then the next step is to compare Texas electricity companies. You can do this by going to where you can compare prices and ratings. Just enter your zip code and then pick the kind of plan you want. You will be able to see different Texas energy providers and their company rating, different plans offered, cancellation fee, if electricity is produced from renewable or non-renewable resources and the terms and rate for each plan. These websites will also show you promotions and incentives offered by each company and if they have a rewards program.

Lastly, review and compare all the possible incentives and rewards programs offered. Some companies offer rewards programs to their customers such as cash back and gifts. For example, Bounce Energy is currently rewarding its customers for paying their bills on-time. Customers who pay their bill on-time for 6 consecutive months receive their choice of 2 movie tickets or a free companion airfare ticket and also gain access to Bounce Energy’s VIP Customer Service line. The longer you pay on time, the more you get in return. Power providers might also offer incentives or promotions for signing up with a new plan such as gift cards, airline miles, charitable donations, or better rates if you sign up online. For example, Bounce Energy’s Express Move plan. This short term fixed rate plan makes moving much easier by not only turning on your electricity, but Bounce Energy will submit your USPS Change of Address form, add your name to the Do Not Mail and Do Not Call lists, give you free identity protection service and give you either a $25 Walmart or Home Depot gift card. Bounce Energy’s Terrific 12 plan gives the customer their choice of $25 gift cards to Target, Wal-Mart, GAP Inc., Shell, or a $25 bill credit.

As you’ve probably seen, there are many Texas energy providers and plans to choose from but by doing some research you will be able to find one that is right for your electricity needs and budget.

Online Resources

Reliant Energy asking for Large Deposit Amount?

Have you moved into a new Houston apartment or rental house? Are you a student and are just getting your credit history established? You may have tried switching to Reliant Energy if you are in the Houston area only to be told they need a very large deposit to have Houston electricity service turned on in your name. If your credit score is less then fair they may need a $400 deposit or possibly even higher. For many in this situation you may have even had to already save up and pay your deposit for your apartment or rental house. To now be asked for an additional $400 as a deposit for electric service to be turned on can be a very frustrating issue. If you are in this situation or something similar we recommend you give Bounce Energy a call.

Reliant Energy in Houston rejects hundreds of customers a day who just do not meet their credit requirements. A good credit score is 630 while a bad credit score could be anything below 600. Now having a 600 credit score really isn’t that bad but when turning on electricity service many Houston electricity companies have to be conservative about what credit risk they take on. Energy providers make a profit by signing up large volumes of customers. They cannot afford for too many of these electricity service customers to default on their energy contract. We do not know what credit score Reliant Energy uses to flag a customer for a deposit or no deposit because it is an always changing number with most Texas energy providers.

Without an effective risk management strategy a Houston electric provider can easily go out of business which was the case with Riverway Power and National Power in the summer of 2008. Reliant Energy is not the enemy but they are one of the biggest Houston electricity companies if not the biggest and so they have to be very careful which energy customers they sign up as they could end up with too many credit risk customers and actually lose money. A Reliant deposit however is not the end of the road for a credit risk customer. If you have limited or no credit you can be approved for a guaranteed no deposit electricity rate with Bounce Energy. You can call them using the phone number listed above and get immediately switched to Bounce Energy at a very unique electric rate plan.

If you have good credit we recommend trying out our cheapest available electricity rate offers which are listed on the top left of this page. Find the fixed rate plan that suits you best whether it be a 1 year fixed rate, 2 year, 3 year, or 6 month rate and click on the “sign up now” link. You will then need to enter your Texas service address and your rate will be confirmed based on the area you live in. We pride ourselves in disclosing all fees and charges in our electricity rates we advertise on our site. We are not trying trick someone into an energy contract that is not what it clearly states it is. Some energy companies in Houston and other deregulated areas in Texas will have unclear terms and conditions with their pricing which can only be found by investigating their pricing in their terms of servive in their energy contract. Reliant Energy is not a Texas electric provider that deceives their customers and so you will not have to worry about being tricked into a rate that isn’t clearly advertised for what it is when signing up with Reliant. Reliant Energy however has uncompetitive Houston electricity service rates in comparison to several of the reputable electric companies we have listed in our best residential rates on the top left of this page. At this time we recommend you choose an electric provider other then Reliant until their electricity prices improve.

Bounce Energy

Type in your zip code to the right and compare Bounce Energy with multiple Texas electric companies in your area. All fees and charges are bundled into the electric rates to give you a clear apples to apples comparison.

Check Low and No Deposit Electricity Plans and Rates

Software Director at Whitefence starts a New Electric Company

A new Texas electric provider that has been appearing in advertising on google’s ad network as well as on the power to choose website is a company by the name of Bounce Energy. This electric provider is located at 2802 Albany in Houston Texas. They started business in Texas May 2008. Robbie Wright is the Director of Bounce Energy and was previously the Senior Vice President of customer experience at WhiteFence. From his work background he appears to have been involved in their software side of the business in large part considering their business model is based almost completely on online sign ups for essential utility services. Robbie still acts as a consultant for WhiteFence which is a company that works with several electric companies in controlling their electric service sign ups on the internet.

New Electric Provider in Texas

After having a succesfull run at Whitefence Robbie has ventured into starting a bonafied retail electric provider in Texas and with a history in the software mechanisms that organize and keep track of electric service customers this may be the right fit for him in this competitive market. Since Bounce Energy is less then a year old we do not have very much information available as far as their ability to provide accurate timely billing and historically low fixed electric rates. We wish Bounce Energy well in their new business venture in the retail electric market and are interested to see how they compare to other Texas electric rates.

You can compare electricity rates from Bounce Energy with several other Texas electricity companies competing for your residential electric service business.

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Green Mountain Electric Company

Green Mountain Energy offers some great renewable electricity rates and they have one of the most lenient credit requirements. You can compare Green Mountain Energy with Champion Energy and Bounce Energy to help determine which renewable electricity rate is the cheapest. All providers allow for you to sign up online and will approve you online. If for someone reason you are asked for a large deposit you cannot afford just keep trying until you get one of the providers who will pass you on credit. To learn more or sign just click on the “continue” link in the electricity comparison chart.

Green Energy is the new fad it seems these days with electric rate marketing. The Texas electric companies are now buying just enough green energy credits to have green energy injected into the grid to make their product “green”. Keep in mind that most of the energy is still being created using coal and natural gas fired power plants. The motive isn’t to save the environment but it does help give the Texas consumer that good feeling that they might be doing something. The issue at hand is when an electric provider offers green energy with a high markup. Some Texas electric companies have profited even more by offering a green energy product and then marking up the profit margin higher then usual as they know people are buying the option to save the environment rather then shopping for the best price on Texas electricity. Green electricity is more expensive so the higher price is justified so long as it isn’t raised so high that it could be considered price gouging. Most consumers have not the slightest idea how much more it costs to produce green renewable electricity and so they will pay the higher price without even knowing they may have been took.

A better option then just going with the first green energy plan you happen to see is to buy your own green energy credits from a company that sells green renewable energy credits. You can actually do this and it will have the same effect. Go ahead and buy your electricity from the cheapest electric provider in Texas but then buy some green energy credits on the side to save the environment. You will be doing the same thing and saving a little money at the same time. Green Mountain Energy is the most noticable electric company with green energy products because they have the “Green” name in their brand. Now, almost all Texas electric providers offer a green energy product, even TXU. TXU happens to own several dirty coal powered power generation facilities but they too offer green energy plans. So if you are going to save the environment just keep in mind the electric companies aren’t in it for the earth and humanitarian reasons you may be in it for.

Green Mountain Energy is a good electric company as far as their ability to consistently offer competitive Texas commercial electricity products. The retail electric provider also offers some of the best residential electric rates in Texas. Green Mountain has better prices for commercial businesses then they do in their residential sales division. They are a large wholesale electric provider, have good books, and a positive track record with their customers, energy brokers, and consultants. They operate in several states and are one of the fastest growing energy companies in the United States.

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