Global Warming From Chlorofluorocarbons, Not CO2

global-warmingNow we have a cheaper alternative to fix so-called man-made global warming as a new study suggests your aerosol  cans are to blame for global warming.

Remember back in the 80’s when the ozone layer had a hole in it supposedly from aerosol cans.

We all tried to do better but then the issue seemed to go away along with the large predicted hole.

Now the ever-increasing carbon taxes, renewable energy push at tax payer expense, etc. has created this global frenzy to rid the earth of any man-made causes of CO2.

If this meant feeding your cows something that causes them to have less gas even this was on the table.

In Germany this renewable energy push because of the man-made global warming disaster caused electricity prices to exceed 24 eurocents per kilowatt-hour.

People over there are paying as much for electricity as they do for their mortgage payment all over an issue not unlike the ozone layer issue in the 80’s that the world conveniently forgot about.

This recent study out of Waterloo shows how Chlorofluorocarbons are the cause of global warming since the 1970s and not carbon dioxide.

If the scientists can all back this new study I will quietly go along with it if just to stop the ridiculous expenses imposed on tax payers for a non-existent issue.

Based on the scientific research out of the University of Waterloo which has been published in the International Journal of Modern Physics B this week the graph shows a continuous decline of world-wide temperatures because of the depletion of CFC’s in the atmosphere.

ozoneMost people in their 30’s know and remember hearing how CFC’s are known to deplete the ozone but looking further into this based on statistical studies it has shown that CFCs are a key driver in global climate change rather than CO2.

So wow! The study suggests global warming rises are not solely because of CO2 or even the key reason for it which is what plants and the ocean, animals, and virtually every living thing releases into the atmosphere naturally.

I for one am not shocked at all by this new study suggesting CO2 is not to blame for global warming which is predictably to be buried deep in an archived area of the New York Times, AP, and Reuters news sources.

This study looked at data going back to the Industrial Revolution that convincingly makes plain that conventional Al Gore persuaded thinking is very wrong.

Qing-Bin Lu, a professor of physics and astronomy, biology and chemistry in Waterloo’s Faculty of Science said, “In fact, the data shows that CFCs conspiring with cosmic rays caused both the polar ozone hole and global warming.”

Conventional theories forecast that global temps will be on the rise as CO2 levels keep going up which has been the case since 1850.

The interesting thing that keeps being swept under the rug by mainstream media channels is that since 2002 global temps have been declining which just so happens to match a decline in CFC’s in the atmosphere.

The CFC greenhouse effect shows a global warming of about 0.6 °C from 1950 to 2002 and a cooling effect on the earth since 2002, according to Prof Lu.

Prof Lu expects a cooling effect on the earth to continue anywhere from 50 – 70 years as the amount of CFCs continues to go down.

These new findings about man-made global warming are based on in-depth statistical analyses of observed scientific data from 1850 to the present, Prof Lu’s cosmic-ray driven electron-reaction (CRE) theory of ozone depletion and research he did regarding Antarctic ozone depletion and world-wide surface temperatures.

By proving the link between CFCs, ozone depletion and temperature changes in the Antarctic, Professor Lu was able to prove an almost perfect correlation between rising global surface temperatures and CFCs in the atmosphere.

In summary, we have a breath of fresh air here with a different take on man-made global warming instead of the same old propaganda put out by the Al Gore IPCC funded scientists who are on the UN payroll for putting out studies in support of man-made global warming caused by CO2.

The biggest challenge with CO2 reductions in the atmosphere is that it is virtually impossible to make any of the meaningful reductions in CO2 that are required based on IPCC UN requirements. Solar and wind energy investments don’t even come close to solving the perceived CO2 problem and it isn’t expected that they ever will.

Let’s get real for a moment, the whole purpose of the CO2 UN studies is to further the efforts in a global redistribution of wealth in the name of reducing CO2 in order to spread wealth evenly among all countries in some type of overarching communistic Utopian one world government ideal.

What has really happened with these carbon tax funds in places like Australia where their citizens voted for the tax is a slush fund for politicians to use for everything but a reduction in CO2. We have seen carbon taxes go to government health care, inferior renewable energy projects and other such diversions.

Diverting carbon taxes to national budgetary concerns is still better than the ultimate goal of the UN. They want to create a “green world order” which will be enforced by a structure of global governance and funded by an insane $45 trillion transfer of wealth from richer countries, as the globalists’ evil plan to centralize power, crush sovereignty while destroying the economy.

Let’s pray that Texans will see man-made CO2 global warming tax schemes for what they are. It’s not the bright rosey save the planet plan that it seems but an egregious wasting of tax payer dollars, inflationary increase in energy costs, and all the while enriching politicians friends and family that insider trade in many of the companies that the government gave money to that are now bankrupt.


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