Irving Texas Electricity Rates

This Year, Irving Electricity Rates

This year Irving electricity rates went up to as high as 16 cents kWh during the worst part of the summer on standard fixed electricity rates and as low as 11 cents kWh on a standard fixed rate when prices came back down. The year of 2008 we saw some of the most extreme high prices in electricity rates in the Irving Texas area then we had ever seen since Texas deregulated in 2002.

The Texas Zonal Electric Grid Index

The reason for the spike in prices had to do with a Texas governed spot market electricity price index that is priced based on 5 different areas. There are a few thousand potential pricing points to alleviate congestion and allow certain generation facilities to be turned on to properly share the load but the technology is not in place yet. The new nodal system for the Texas electric grid the Texas government is working on should allow for prices to make less volatile price swings when there is congestion and bottlenecks in the electric grid. This will allow Irving Texas electricity rates to remain at more tolerable rate levels that people are more accustomed to.

More Efficient Correctly Run Electricity Grid

With a correctly run grid that rewards electricity generation plants to build in areas that will not create a high level of congestion when sending power into cities will also help with electricity rate spikes. As a built in design consideration the new nodal grid system encourages power plants to built in areas that will not have a high level of congestion. This correct location based power generation development along with software and technology infrastructure that provides the needed nodal data to turn on and off facilities based upon load demand requirements will help lower Irving electricity rates for the long term.

The Zonal Electricity Grid

The Texas government plans to decide if they will go ahead with the zonal electric grid overhaul that will turn it into a nodal electric grid. ERCOT has said they will vote on if they will continue the Nodal project in early 2009. The reason the nodal electricity grid has come up for a new vote is because the project has doubled and tripled in cost since they began the project several years ago. A recent study has determined that the Nodal system will still save Irving Texas consumers a lot of money on their electricity power even though the project has dramatically increased in cost.

Comparing Cheapest Electricity Rates in Irving

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