Cleburne Texas Electricity Rates

When comparing electricity rates in Texas the PUCT has found that over time electricity providers have used customer confusion to sneak in additional charges without the consumer fully understanding the rate. This has slowly become a bigger problem especially as less known energy brands enter the market to compete.

A new rule that went into affect just a few months ago makes it required for electricity companies in Cleburne TX to post all fees and charges associated with their electric rate.  These charges must be listed on all advertisements, billboards, radio ads, and on the electric companies own website.

Third party affiliate sites that compare electricity rates at this time do not have to follow this ruling as given by the PUCT although it is an important rule that all Texas energy companies should follow. Electricity Bid compares electricity rates for commercial and residential energy consumers. Their rates they show in the chart gives the consumer accurate information on every fee and charge associated with the rate. The comparison breaks down the fees and charges and puts the electric providers next to each other in a detailed comparison.

By having a comparison chart that shows the cheapest to most expensive electric provider we work with it makes it easy for a Cleburne TX energy service customer to find the best rate and understand the charges. The most popular type of electricity rate for a Cleburne residential customer as well as a commercial customer are the fixed rate terms. A 1 year fixed rate is usually what consumers choose because it is not committing to anything for too long of a time and the price is one of the cheapest among all the fixed terms available.

At this time the only cheaper fixed rate term is the 6 month or 3 month fixed rate. Residential customers who pick a short term rate like the 6 month fixed will come up for renewal during the summer. The summer represents a volatile time in the energy market. You may very well have a cheap price during the winter but when summer rolls around you may have to renew at a much higher Cleburne electricity price. This is why many people go ahead with a 1 year rate so that they do not end up on a higher price when their contract expires in the summer.

The summer time can represent a time in the energy market when electricity prices are low but the problem is that it is hard to speculate on that. Summer prices are usually very high or very low because of the reliance of natural gas reserves which create the electricity at the power plant. If there is not enough natural gas in storage then prices will go up. If there is to much natural gas in storage then you will see electricity prices drop.

This is the state of the Cleburne TX electricity market and so it helps in knowing that a 1 year fixed rate is the all around best choice. If prices come way down then you could pay 10% more by locking in for 2 or 3 years. The price will be a little bit higher but you will be locking in at a historically low price in the Texas energy market.

Electricity Bid helps you find an electric rate and provider to save you money and keep life simple.

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