Scientists Blast Obama’s Global Warming Myth: You’re Basing Politics on Faulty Computer Models Rather than Science

priusOn Friday, Obama signed an executive order that instructs federal agencies to work with state and local governments to boost preparations for the impact of global warming. Obama’s war on coal has threatened one sixth of America’s electrical output by placing 150 coal-burning power plants on the chopping block – all due to global warming. Citing global warming has already had an effect on communities and public health across the nation, Obama directed infrastructure projects to take into consideration future climate conditions which naturally could result in a higher price tag for new projects or repairs to already existing structures. However, new scientific evidence has surfaced that “the solar activity is decreasing at the fastest rate as anytime in the last 10,000 years”.

Environmentalist Lawrence Solomon wrote in the Financial Post, “Now an increasing number of scientists are swinging back to the thinking of the 1960s and 1970s. The global cooling hypothesis may have been right after all, they say Earth may be entering a new Little Ice Age.”

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The war on coal has stalled a little as EPA regulations were temporarily halted regarding existing coal power plants. The EPA will host something called “listening sessions” regarding objections about regulating such things as C2 emissions from coal power plants.

The problem is these listening sessions are in places like San Francisco but they completeyl bypass states like Wisconsin that receive 60 % of their low cost electricity from coal.

We all know they aren’t really going to be listening just as no one listened when citizens cried foul about Obamacare.

ObamaAir is another scam to be administered on the citizens of the US and all those who agreed or disagreed at first will come to a more realistic understanding of just how bad it is once it passes.

Keep in mind the CO2 emissions part of the coal regulations has nothing to do with pollution but this false idea called climate change which they say is caused by CO2 emissions.

As this socialism via the EPA starts moving forward there is an ironic twist in all of this as more scientists are coming out saying it appears that the earth very likely may be entering another ice age.

The facts show that shutting down all coal plants will not deter America’s CO2 emissions beyond 3 %. Even if you buy the global warming myth the assumption is that this 3 % drop would give us a .03 degrees Fahrenheit drop in temperature.

We already know that a CO2 drop would not have this type of impact but even if it did that small drop would be useless in controlling the planets climate.

The EPA has now come out and admitted that people would not be able to see any visible impact in the environment by the closing of these coal power plants.

They want you to believe the impacts could only be seen 100 years out and more which allows them to masquerade socialism via sustainability and environmentalism.

While the EPA performs these sustainability tasks Americans may have to watch as the socialistic effort to balance the economies of the world takes effect and our economy is politically destroyed to bring in globally balanced competing markets.

In summary it is important that you follow our lead and raise a stink about this false sustainability ObamaAir movement. It’s a United Nations led initiative to mold a socialistic style global marketplace and there is nothing real about it.


My advice to Californians: Get out now!

caIf you live in California, I have a bit of advice. Get out now while you can afford the gas to load up the van and head north or east. You won’t be alone.

According to “Crazifornia: How California is Destroying Itself and Why It Matters to America”, about 150,000 Californians have been fleeing the state each year of late. “In fact,” wrote Laer Pearce, “Los Angeles alone has lost more households than New York, Miami, and, incredibly, the economically decimated city of Detroit…combined.”

The tide of traffic leaving the state is likely to increase. According to a news release from Earthjustice, one of the innumerable environmental organizations bent on destroying every form of energy that has fueled the growth of the American economy, the California Public Utilities Commission (PUC) has “finalized a groundbreaking decision to build innovative high-tech energy storage systems that will lead California toward a future of clean, renewable energy and away from dependence on fossil fuels.”

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Electricity Could Be Harvested From CO2 Gas Some Day

hooverThere is a new study to suggest the possibility of electricity being harvested out of CO2 emissions that come out of most power plants without generating anymore CO2.

If this harvesting procedure is not too costly over alternatives, well it sure makes a lot more sense than taxing everyone for a gas that is as harmless as something that naturally makes a plant grow larger and more fruitful.

They say the idea is right out of a trash to treasure children’s story book and sounds as simple as it really is. The raw material of CO2 that comes out of smokestacks is captured and used to make electricity.

Bert Hamelers, PhD. and his associates have found that there is about 12 billion tons of CO2 that is released into the atmosphere from coal, oil, and natural gas burning at power stations.

Another 11 billion tons of the stuff happens just from people using these fossil fuels to heat their homes and businesses.

Only about 10 % of smokestack gas is CO2 while the remainder is water vapor. Hameler has come up with idea set on doing something innovative with the CO2 rather than simply regulating these power plants out of existence.

Through a reaction of CO2 with water and a few other liquids the gas could eventually create a flow of electrons when it goes through the technology in the method they have created.

This invention could produce around 1,500 billion kilowatts of added electricity generation annually if used for harvesting CO2 from electric power stations, homes, and businesses.

This huge electricity generation project would create around 375 times the generation you get out of the Hoover Dam annually.

The great bonus to all of this is no CO2 is created in the process of generating additional electricity but the downside yet to be discussed is how much it would cost to generate electricity using this method.

If for instance, it costs 20 cents per kilowatt hour to generate this electricity than what would be the point. I am very interested to see if this can be feasibly done because if so we may be on to something here.

Some of us believe CO2 emissions are harmless as I do and some believe it is causing a man-made global warming crisis but both sides would be happy to see CO2 that many consider garbage gas to be used to actually make money instead of taxing everything to death.

Eats Up CO2 and Creates Useful Energy All At The Same Time

A materials scientists has recently disclosed some startling findings after an experiment where he discovered a way through chemical reactions to eat up carbon dioxide and at the same time create a solid very useful material full of energy.

Now creating a solid from carbon dioxide is nothing new but here is the important aspect to this: What usually happens when creating a solid from fossil fuels like oil and natural gas is the release of more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere then you started with.

This release of even more CO2 into the atmosphere defeats the purpose of creating the solid filled with energy if it is creating more of a CO2 hazard. The governments at this point will not approve of anything that will result in more unwanted CO2 then is necessary.

What Michigan Technological University was able to do is to develop a heat releasing reaction between carbon dioxide and Li3N that forms two chemicals: amorphous carbon nitride (C3N4), a semiconductor; and lithium cyanamide (Li2CN2), a precursor to fertilizers.

The team of scientists led by professor Hu found that the reaction converts CO2 to a solid material which is useful in and of itself.

The really exciting part is that the solid CO2 material is full of energy and when adding CO2 to less than a gram of Li3N at 330 degrees Celsius you get surrounding temperatures of energy that is 1,000 degrees Celsius, or 1,832 degrees Fahrenheit, which is about the same temperature of lava exiting a volcano. The publication is available at The Journal of Physical Chemistry

Now I am yet to be concerned that man is creating a horrible global warming scenario that will kill the earth of all living things in the next 20 years as some alarmists keep reporting.

This latest scientific breakthrough however, is a great thing in helping the environmental activists and their causes as there is a meaningful practical value this latest carbon capture experiment offers the world.

If the activists would spend more time on creating solutions like these I think their cause would be accepted a lot easier. Think about it, let’s spend money capturing CO2 emissions and at the same time use that physical carbon dioxide solid created through the process to create tons of cheap affordable energy. Both industry and environmentalists seem to win in this situation regardless of what extreme ideas they might hold to.

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