Is Your Electricity Company Ripping You Off?

energyconsultingI have a relative in the family who often uses the term rip-off for pretty much anything and it gives every body a bit of a chuckle because he overuses it so much. There is of course a difference in the rip-off that really isn’t a rip-off and truly getting ripped off.

I am speaking to commercial electricity customers here because they often fall victim to a common true rip-off scheme I am about to talk about. For residential customers, simply comparing electric rates using a  comparison site like ours and ordering service online is enough. These providers give residential customers enough warning that their contract is expiring and to go and renew. Commercial customers have to worry about the possibility of some typical schemes used on business customers.

There are quite a few commercial electric companies that do things a bit different compared to reputable companies in the market.

A few questions I would like to pose to commercial businesses in Texas are:

  • Did you know that electricity companies may have you in a long term contract that may go out for 3 years?
  • Maybe your CFO has changed, did you know if you do not notify some electric companies you want to renew by a certain date then you may get rolled over like a dirty dog onto a new contract and they likely won’t let you know?
  • After all this happens to you, did you know they just might top things off by increasing your electric rate?

What if you are a large manufacturer of goods and your company went through a change in CFO’s? In this situation the new CFO may not get to the electric agreement in time to see it has rolled over. What if your company’s contract got rolled over to a new 3 year contract or perhaps a noncompetitive month to month variable rate? You could be paying much higher prices for electricity service without even knowing it.

Our company works with over 20 different electric companies in Texas and reminds you when it gets time for contract expiration via email, and phone calls that you need to go out shopping again for a new electric company and rate. If the company you are with now offers the best rate again by all means we encourage you to stay but often a new provider will beat your old provider.

It is important that you know the process of moving to a new electric company is very easy in Texas. The Public Utility Commission allows change in providers to happen through their systems. Because the state of Texas has worked in simplicity into every part of the energy choice process we could switch you to a new provider every 6 months if it made sense and there really isn’t all that much to the process. In fact, through the process of changing providers you never have to worry about losing service as there are safety checks and double checks that go in the ERCOT system that make that practically impossible.

So here is what we recommend you do sometime this week when you get a chance.

  •  Check when your energy contract ends or let us call your provider for you and find out.
  •  Allow us to explore the market for you and find the best rate.
  • And as always make sure to turn your equipment, appliances, etc. off when not being used. Power strips really help with this!

Electricity Bid helps you find an electric rate and provider to save you money and keep life simple.

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