Dallas Cowboys Stadium Seating and Atmospheric CO2

stadiumAs you know the Obama administration that came up with the widely disdained Obamacare strategy for the nations healthcare also wants to create ObamaAir and add some ridiculously large fees on your energy and electricity usage costs.

The politicians are able to convince voters to favor the idea that humans are catastrophically warming the planet from a trace gas man adds into the environment known as CO2.

Once they convince the public that global warming is happening because of man-made CO2 it becomes much easier to create a new energy tax because people are much more likely to believe it is necessary.

The only problem is this is a big lie and the trace gas that man adds into the environment is so small most people have no idea because of the daily bombardment of the alarmists making you think it is something far worse than it really is.

This article below helps to explain the concept of CO2 emissions and how it compares to the other atmospheric gases in percentages in laymen terms that people like myself can understand.

by Anthony Watts

“With the possibility of the coldest Super Bowl ever coming this week, this story about CO2 concentration seemed appropriate.

Ryan Scott Welch writes:

cheerAnthony as you know, many people don’t know much about the earth’s atmosphere. For example, when questioned about how much CO2 is in our atmosphere most people give me a guess of somewhere between 30% and 70%. When I tell them that CO2 is only 0.04% or really about 395 ppm (parts per million) they generally look at me as if I was speaking some kind of foreign language. The layman simply cannot convert 0.04% of the atmosphere or 395 ppm into anything they can picture or relate to. In searching for some way to help the layman to understand the earth’s atmosphere, CO2, and the human contribution to atmospheric CO2, I came upon the idea of relating a sample of the atmosphere to something that nearly every person has seen, a football stadium.

So, instead of talking about ppm atmosphere, I talk about seats in a stadium. I put together a presentation using football stadium analogy and it goes something like this.

How much atmospheric CO2 is from human activity? If a football stadium represented a sample of our atmosphere, how many seats would be human caused CO2? The Dallas Cowboys Stadium seats 100,000 for special events.”

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