November 2008 Dallas Residential Electric Rates

What to do When Locking in Dallas Residential Electric Rates for November 2008?

The energy markets have been steadily declining and have started to hit some historical short term lows. If this trend continues we could see some very good residential electric rates but trying to pick the bottom of a trend is an impossible task. If you are waiting to do something I would recommend making your hunch and going ahead and signing up on a term even if just for a few months. The reason you should lock into something is due to the high price of a month to month rate. Residential electric providers in Dallas will generally offer a low first month rate on a month to month type of electric service plan but will then raise the rate dramatically after that first month. To avoid a high rate hike you should lock into some type of monthly term. If you are risk averse I would go with atleast a 1 year plan and if you are willing to roll the dice and try again in 3 months I would go with a shorter term like a 3 month or 6 month fixed rate.

November 2008 Residential Electric Rates Comparison Chart

The residential Dallas electric rates below serve as a historical marker of where rates have come as of November 2 2008. These rates will most likely change as the month progresses but you will find indicative prices as of Nov 2 2008 to help you in your shopping and comparing process. If you wish to see current Dallas electric rates we recommend checking this page out: Dallas residential electric rates

Dallas Residential Electric Rate Chart

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