Japan Can Generate Electricity From Demolitioning a Building?

buildingA Japanese construction company uses electricity generating cranes to take down a high rise tower. The tower comes down in phases as each floor is removed from the one below it.

When you watch the process take place it looks like the building is slowly shrinking down while the roof and building stays intact. The electricity is generated by the cranes that are inside the building.

What happens is that each floor is removed and as the steel beams and heavy material from each floor are lowered by the cranes the cranes generate electricity in the process of bringing the heavy material down.

It is easy to see how heavy material tied to a steal crane cable could be spinning an electricity generating turbine as the material makes its way down to the bottom.

The process of dismantling the building from the inside out allows the whole building to come down with a 90 % reduction in dust levels.

Instead of ramming a large steel ball into the building the inside of the building is carefully taken apart and lowered so long as it is a non-structural aspect of the high rise.

Floors are emptied out and the floor itself is slowly removed and lowered allowing for the electricity to be created and then reused later for other parts of the demolition project.

It appears soon will be the day when buildings are no longer blown up to smithereens spewing garbage and dust everywhere. I like the idea of a clean demolition and free energy to boot.

In summary this new demolition method reduces carbon emissions by 85 %, reduces noise levels 23 decibels,  and offers many new green aspects to the demolition process.

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