The Future of Electric Cars in Pasadena, Texas and is this good for your electric bill?

chevrolet volt electricity powered carResidents of Pasadena, Texas may soon see electric cars everywhere. Certain areas in Texas were picked to be the test market for Volt from Chevrolet. According to the US government the Volt is an electric car, not a hybrid car like others currently being sold but when the car entered the market it was discovered to be a hybrid like all the others.

The Volt is a car that will run on electricity for about 35 miles. That means that you will not be burning fuel during your morning drive to your Pasadena, Texas job. If the Volt and other electric cars are successful, there may soon be no need for fuel-driven cars. The negative to the Volt is that when comparing it’s fuel efficiency to other cars it doesn’t fair so well. After the initial 35 miles of driving with fuel ecomony at around 93 miles a gallon via electric power you are switched to gasoline fuel and you only get 37 miles to the gallon.

Note: we have done a conversion to show you what the electric power delivers in miles in miles per gallon of gasoline even though we are talking about kilowatt hours here. There are 33.7 kilowatt-hours in a gallon of gasoline. If you are paying 11 cents per kilowatt hour than that would cost $3.70 per gallon equivalent of gas. So in the case of an electric car you are paying more and you are not converting fuel at a 1 to 1 ratio therefore you are actually polluting the environment more it’s just concentrated at the power generation facility and not your city.

Saving our fossil fuels is a concern for everyone, including the residents of Pasadena, Texas. Electric cars appear to be a way to conserve these precious fuels and help the environment but in reality the power plants that create the electricity for the car are burning natural gas and oil. These fuels are not converting power at a 1 to 1 ratio. This means your car is inneficient simply because it uses electric power.

If you are considering an electric car in your future, you may probably wonder what it will do to your electric bill. After all, these cars have to be plugged in and your electric usage will rise. Fortunately, you have the freedom to choose your Pasadena, Texas electric provider which will allow you to find the cheapest rate.

Use our comparison chart to see the rates of area providers. You may or may not be using the cheapest electric service. By switching providers to one with a lower rate, you can purchase your electric car with no worries. Lower rates mean a lower electric bill. Get started now by using our comparison chart and see what a difference a few cents can make. When electric cars become the “norm”, you will be prepared because you will already be saving money on every kWh that you use.

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