Another Earthquake in East Texas. 3rd quake in 10 days to hit the same town

So what is up with all the earthquakes in East Texas? We keep hearing of earthquakes and yet until recently earthquakes were mostly non-existent in this region of the country.

Yesterday there was a small 2.7 earthquake again in Timpson Texas not too far from the Louisiana border although people as far as 50 miles away may have felt the trimmers. They say that the epicenter was about 4 miles into the earth and that the quake was likely an aftershock of previous days quakes.

The good thing is that these quakes are way down on the Richter scale and have caused little to no damage. The last one reported was Sunday in the Nacogdoches area. The blame for these quakes among most experts opinions is that commercial salt water disposal injection wells operating in the area could be at fault.

These wells are disposal wells and not the wells many think of where by injecting water into oil and gas drill holes you can quickly get to the oil and natural gas by breaking a part sand, clay, and shale.

Instead these wells are simply used to dump salt water from Louisiana drilling or naturally recovered from underground Louisiana locations in the process of oil and gas drilling in an underground waste dump right here in Texas.

Our energy demands for this country and the world require that we find oil and natural gas for building roads, creating electricity, and all the related petroleum products we make which is pretty much everything on the store shelf.

I am all for the drilling of oil, natural gas, and the required disposal of produced salt water from these wells but I believe common sense safety precautions must be followed as well. There must be a give in take and risk reward must be considered when dealing with these waste water contracts in Texas.

Now think with me for a minute. Do you want East Texas to be a waste water dump for used contaminated salt water from Louisiana drilling that could one day pollute the very large freshwater aquifer known as the Carrizo Wilcox aquifer?

The Texas railroad commission did raise some concerns prior to permitting some of these disposal wells that they could become over-pressurized on certain formations and a potential threat to usable water supplies.

When you create these big holes underground it can lead to trimmers above ground. The center of the quake has been located in a small town called Timpson, Texas. On Thursday May 17 2012 there was a 4.8 magnitude quake in this area. People living in Nacogdoches could feel the trimmer.

In the same area on May 10th there was a 3.9 magnitude quake. These quakes could be felt as far away as approximately 75 miles from their epicenter.

I am all for oil and natural gas drilling and even disposal contracts with other states but at the same time I need to know what investigations and safety precautions the Texas Railroad commission is taking. We now are having what appears to be obvious earthquakes related to built up pressure from salt water disposal.

What actions is the Texas Railroad Commission taking to make sure these quakes will not be getting worse and that our water supply will not be polluted?

Ramona Nye, the media contact for the railroad commission, said “there are three permitted injection wells within a five-mile radius of the epicenters of the earthquakes. Two are active”, she said. “These wells have been permitted to inject since 2006,” Nye said. “Texas has a long history of safe injections, and staff has not identified a significant correlation between seismic activity and injection practices.”    source – News Journal

Frohlich, associate director of the University of Texas Institute of Geophysics said a series of minor earthquakes in 2008-09 near Cleburne, south of Dallas, were linked to injection wells in that area which is a part of the Barnett shale formation. source – News Journal

Provided that the injection wells are located far enough below the water supply and remain contained there should be no danger to the water supply but with unforeseen earthquakes it makes you wonder what else do we have to look forward to? My question is, What happens if that cap that is supposed to contain the water pops off, then what?

Let’s assume a larger earthquake happens, waste water becomes uncontainable, and finally our fresh water aquifer gets polluted. What are the chances of this happening?

The day after the earthquakes the state of Texas Railroad Commission was out there inspecting the wells and looking for corrective action. Everything was up to code from what they saw. They are obviously out there doing their job immediately following the quake events and I am glad we have an active concerned team of investigators with the state.

At the same time these are my sincere honest questions and as much as I like oil and cheap natural gas used in the generation of my electricity I want the state of Texas to be responsible in the extraction and production of these petroleum fuels as well.


Tyler Texas Electric Company

Tyler Texas Electric Company

Tyler Texas is one of many East Texas towns that has their electric market deregulated. The positive to a deregulated energy market is the ability choose from multiple companies and rate plans.

The negative aspects are there too but I believe the positives far out weigh the negative. I remember when first moving into my own place in Tyler TX I was asked for an electric deposit from the monopoly electric utility.

I had no established credit and so I had to come up with the extra money. With the ability to choose your electric company in this area you don’t have to settle for paying a really high deposit just because you haven’t established any credit yet.

There are Tyler Texas electric companies that will allow you to order electricity service without having to come up with $300 or more.

The catch is that you will need to sign up with a prepaid light company. A prepaid electricity company is very similar to traditional energy suppliers accept they bill you upfront instead of 30 – 45 days later.

Some prepay light companies will estimate your electric usage based on the size of your home or apartment.

Other Tyler electric suppliers will use an advanced meter and a prepaid device that you slide a prepay card into similar to a credit card.

The device deducts the amount from the card based on your exact electric usage.

If you have a smart advanced meter I recommend choosing a prepaid electric provider that uses one as you only pay for what you use.

The alternative to the smart meter reading is estimated readings which usually are a little higher than your actual electric usage.

There is a company I have seen on TV in Tyler called Apollo Electric that offers prepaid electric service although we do not know much about them.

We have a comparison of a few no deposit prepaid electric providers that service Tyler if you need to search and find a good company with no deposit.

Just use the comparison chart at the top of this page to compare no deposit energy offers in Tyler TX.

Regarding East Texas Electric Cooperatives, Municipalities, and Monopoly Providers

Tyler is unique in that the city is surrounded by electric cooperatives who do not offer energy choice to their customers.

Places like Longview cannot compare competing electric supplier prices because there is only one energy company in this area.

Other electric Coop’s that exist are Cherokee County Coop, Deep East Texas Electric Coop, and East Texas Electric Coop.

Smith County Texas Electric Company Commercial Rate Comparison

In many ways commercial and residential electric rates are the same. The main difference between these two account types are the fact that residential load profiles are all the same.

Electricity providers can offer all the same rate plans no matter the customer when speaking to residential customers because none of them will cross a thresh hold that would increase the cost to the provider significantly.

Commercial businesses vary dramatically in how they use electricity. A large industrial manufacturing or chemical facility uses far more energy and in much different ways than a small smoothie franchise.

Because of variations even between restaurants and retail clothing stores commercial electric rates are priced individually by a provider based on how the business uses their energy.

The tailored made nature of a commercial energy price in Tyler TX usually means a more competitive rate. A stunning exception to this rule is if you have a Tyler church.

Churches will always pay way more for their electricity compared to what they use because of their KW demand. Electric companies charge you for both kilowatt hours used and how much is demanded.

Because a Tyler church demands energy all at once on Sunday they get hit with a large fee for this no matter the electric company they choose. This fee is more of a grid, transmission provider fee than a fee from the retail electric company.

Unfortunately there is no way out of these high cost TDSP fees for churches at this time until the PUCT and ERCOT choose to offer some type of relief to this type of operation as found in a church.

Regardless if you have a church that needs a commercial electric rate comparison or some other type of business we can help facilitate a reverse energy auction for your energy account.

To learn more about this topic and others please call one of our local Tyler TX commercial energy consultants at 1-800-971-4020.

Houston electricity rate plans offer flexibility to the energy consumer

In Houston Texas electricity service customers are beginning to see that choosing a variable electric rate plan and waiting for it to eventually go up is not the best choice.

The wait and see game works for awhile but eventually you can get stung as did Steve Smith who remodeled my house not but a few months ago.

We needed some drywall hung in the living room and some electrical rewiring done and me and Steve started talking. He mentioned that he used to get on a the cheapest variable electricity rate in Houston and wait and see.

If his rate started to go up to high he would simply shop around again and choose the next best offer out there at the time. He did this until one month electricity rates in Houston were sky high.

He could not find a good low priced variable electricity rate plan or fixed plan for that matter. He started to see how doing the wait and see game may work for a little while but you will eventually get burned.

He went ahead and bit the bullet and signed up for 6 months at a pretty high price for that time in Houston Texas. Fortunately after 6 months rates came back down to normal price levels.

He now is on a fixed electricity rate in Houston Texas and enjoys the price assurance a fixed rate offers and the time saved not having to continuously shop for Houston electricity companies every few months.

Steve is now out of the home remodelling business and has started a small sub sandwhich shop in the East Texas area. He used ElectricityBid to procure his commercial electricity rate and we look forward to working with him in the future when his contract comes up for renewal.

If you need to shop for commercial or residential electricity in Houston TX please use the compare tool at the top right by entering in your zip code. You can compare multiple Houston TX electricity companies and find the rate plan that makes the most sense for your situation.

East Texas Electricity Comparisons Offer a Way To Save

For those needing a cheaper electricity rate I would like to encourage you to try out a detailed comparison chart that shows you all fees and charges. There are over 30 retail electricity providers in East Texas and Tyler that would like you to buy their electricity service. The problem is some come with gimmicks and tricks. One of the sneakier ones I have seen has to do with offering a very low variable electricity rate in the initial advertising on their website. After you sign up the energ market goes up and down and perhaps could be higher by the time you have your electricity switched over to this new provider.

What this gimmicky electricity company will do is switch you at whatever the new electricity rate is at the time the switch occurs instead of the rate you agreed to when you signed up on their website. So even if their website showed an electricity price 1 penny per kilowatt cheaper you will end up paying a higher price because they didn’t honor the price they quoted you a few weeks ago but stuck you on what the new price happened to be at when the actual physical switch occured at the meter.

Our company does not work with electricity providers in East Texas that offer this type of gimmicky product. Our comparison chart spells it out in plain English by averaging your electric rate with all fees and charges included. Our comparison chart also shows you the type of plan you are choosing, whether it is fixed or variable, and how many months the rate will be good for. Most of the electricity companies in the chart will call, email, or send you a letter to remind you to renew your plan before your contract expires.

Go ahead and give our comparison chart a try and see which East Texas electric company offers the best price for the yearly or monthly term you are interested in.

Electricity Bid helps you find an electric rate and provider to save you money and keep life simple.

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