Saving Money on Electricity Can Be an Easy Task in Killeen TX

Killeen TX is one of the areas in Texas that benefits from the deregulation of the electricity providers in the state. That means each customer has the right and ability to choose the company they want to have provide them service. There is a website we want you to know about that has all of the recommended Killeen TX electricity companies listed. Here is where you can find the services they provide, billing options, customer service hours, the available rate plans, and other important information. You will be able to easily find the plan that is best for your family or business by using the comparison tool.

Click here to compare electric rates in Texas from multiple electricity companies

One of the things you need to know are the requirements each company has for setting the amount of a deposit that may be required. The stronger your credit rating, the less you will have to come up with, if anything at all. You will find some companies that will have less stringent credit requirements, especially helpful in these trying economic times.  Some offer pre-paid service plans which will have higher rates, but eliminate having to come up with several hundred dollars to initiate service.

Another decision to be made is the length of your contract with any company. If rates are low, and you have been established in a residence to know your monthly usage, you may find it in your best interests to sign a long-term contract to lock-in your Killeen TX electricity rates. Of course, you can always try a service for a shorter period of time and remove the risk of having to pay any early termination fees.

Click here to compare electric rates in Texas from multiple electricity companies

Electric Rates follow Natural Gas Higher

As a barrel of oil hit $100 we saw natural gas prices spike to nearly $8 mmbtu but they have dropped 2 %  today in hopes that they will come back down to where they have been. Electric rates in Texas were dramatically effected by the spike in natural gas and we saw rates bounce once again off of a consistent support level. For those commercial businesses who might have been waiting to sign a term energy contract they have seen any potential of getting in at the bottom eaten up by this volatility in the market. The best solution at this point is get in on some type of contract before risking the potential of the market rising any higher.

It isn’t always easy to follow the market and decide when would be the best time to get in but that is why there are hedged fixed term energy contracts. Each contract is made based upon where the market has justified that price to be based on simple supply and demand. If you compare a few offers on the same term from multiple Texas Retail Electric Providers then you are close to finding a good electric rate for your company. Rates are still pretty low right now and so the time is well to go ahead and make a decision. You can always try again next year when your energy contract expires. If your facility uses a lot of energy you might want to consider a blend with MCPE. This will reduce your rate by 1 1/2 to 2 pennys a kWh and save you some additional money. An Texas energy consultant can explain more about how this is done and what the potential risks are involved.

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