Texas Electric Company Complaints

It has been since October 2009 since the PUCT has updated their electricity provider complaint scorecard but here it is.

Oct 2009 Texas Electricity Company Complaints Scorecard

The PUCT is not allowed to disclose exactly how many customers an electric provider has accumulated during the year or a given month. Since we do not know the volume of customers being signed up it makes the scorecard a little skewed for larger or smaller energy companies. If an electricity company in Texas is not signing up electric customers on any given month it could make their scorecard look very good.

You can look at the PUCT filings to see how many complaints a particular Texas electric company has received to give you an idea about the volume of customers they sign up on a monthly basis. Hopefully this complaint scorecard will give you some idea on what energy companies are worth switching to. Thankfully several of the electricity providers in our comparison chart have decent complaint records with the Texas PUCT.

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