First Fully Electronic Library Coming to Texas This Fall

electronic library screenBookless libraries is an allergic persons dream come true but to a book nerd it can be pretty demoralizing.

For a relative of mine walking into a library and thumbing through the pages of a book is as much fun as a movie buff’s excitement when they sit down at a theater and watch a feature film.

For me thumbing through a book is a good way to start up an all day sneezing fest followed by a heavy dose of allergy medicine and some sleep to follow.

The last few years we have seen bookless libraries in highschools, colleges, and even in some elementary schools. I work in an office across the street from a school that exclusively uses iPads.

In Bexar County, Texas you will be able to walk in to a fully functional all electronic library as they completely embrace the electronic age of books.

The library will be called BiblioTech and will be the first ever fully digital library in America. If you don’t know where Bexar County is in Texas than think of the city of San Antonio. San Antonio is the most noticeably recognizable city in this county and many people even in other states will recognize that this library will be near an awesome vacation destination no matter where you may be from.

The library will not actually be in San Antonio but will be in its county in a city called Harlandale only 7 miles away or 18 minutes driving.

Judge Nelson Wolff is the reason that this digital library has made it this far in to actually becoming a reality. Even for him who owns over 1,000 first edition books he understands that the future will be all about digital and the old paper books will be more for collecting than anything.

The library will look a lot like an Apple Store but of course it won’t be a total rip-off just more of a library that was inspired by much of the design aspect and theory of Steve Jobs. Will older libraries that don’t update to the modern era one day end up looking like this abandoned Russian library?

I imagine collector books will survive but it could end up where you have warehouses full of abandoned books that nobody wants that eventually find their ways to the trash bin. I have witnessed hundreds of unwanted books being thrown into the garbage from private collectors who simply didn’t want them anymore so it’s not too far off to imagine this scenario.

libraryThe sleek design of the library will have e-readers that you can use at the library or actually take home with you. You will be able to download the book you want to read and relax on a comfy couch at your castle to enjoy later.

The BiblioTech will be created in an existing county building on the South of Bexar County. The location of the library will be in a city in the county that currently does not have a library and will be in a good central area of the county with a low-income demographic of the population.

The city is called Harlandale and the community believes the state of the art library will inspire parents and young people a like to incorporate reading into their lives.

This is an all new idea for public libraries so it will be a bit of a wait and see deal as to whether people will settle in and get used to reading with an e-reader or if they will resort to going back to the standard old-school book.

Unfortunately not all books come as an e-book as I continuously find out when trying to buy books recommended to me. The hope is that BiblioTech will be able to find a solution for getting even the books that don’t come in e-book format to the people who want to read them.

Electronic LibraryIn summary the concept and soon to be reality of this new library in Bexar County offers a real taste of what the future will look like when it comes to reading material. I would like to congratulate Bexar County for their initiative in doing some truly inspirational and a benchmark for the rest of the nation to set after.

Update: The library is now up and running and you can visit their website at:

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