Best Energy Efficiency Gift for Christmas

This Christmas us guys often get stumped on what to get other guy friends and family in our lives and it is no different and usually worse trying to think of a female gift.

My wife is often stumped about what to get me and other males in her life and I try and remind her that guys are all about utility. Get something a guy can use with his hands like a tool, gadget, or even an activity or event type thing such as a canoe trip, concert, or sporting event.

When it comes to energy and saving money on your electric bill and of course helping out the environment all at the same time I have a very awesome gift to suggest. I use this product myself during the hot Texas summers and I think your family or friends will love it as well.

I do not get any money or anything at all for mentioning this product…I simply mention it because I love it and it saves me a ton of money during the summer. It is called the “Cool N’ Save”

What it is is a mister you install on top of your air conditioner. You hook this thing up for about 3 – 4 months during the summer by connecting to your outdoor house water faucet and then sticking it to the top of your AC unit.

When the AC fan kicks on this little flap raises and the 3 mister devices mist the coils around your air conditioning unit. The air is cooled around the AC system and this means your air conditioner does not have to work nearly as hard as it did when it was being cooled with extremely hot Texas air.

The whole system costs $99 and comes with a water filter to prevent scaling during the 3 months you run this during the summer.

Next summer you simply order a new water filter and you are off and running again. It probably won’t hurt the system too much to use your old filter while you wait for the new one to arrive in the mail when your in to your second year with this system. When you are into your 2nd year the filter costs $29 and can also be ordered from their website.

I would assume it would be possible to buy a cheaper filter and retrofit it somehow if you wanted to save a little extra money on the filter but I have not bothered trying to do this as $29 a filter is completely workable for me.

If this sounds like a pretty cool energy efficiency green electricity type product like it did to me than go check it out at their website below. I saved a substantial amount on my monthly electric bill in the summer and I am sure you or the person you give this gift to will also.

Cool N’ Save –

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