DPI Energy a Prepaid Electric Provider Requests Permission to Sell to TruSmart Energy Holdings

DPI Energy is one of the popular prepaid electric companies in Texas but like many prepay companies there are often challenges with staying within PUCT rules and regulations to operate as a licensed Texas electric provider. DPI Energy’s owner, Amvensys Capital Group LLC. has requested PUCT approval to sell all of DPI’s units to TruSmart Energy Holdings LLC.

One of the PUCT points when a change of ownership is made is that it is not used to get around a rule or regulation while yet still maintaining similar management or ownership however behind the scenes and hidden they may be. From the PUCT research they conclude that the sale appears to consistent with the terms if the settlement agreement from Sept 15th 2011 as written about on the PUCT website.

Once the PUCT staff have received all exhibits and schedules of the sale agreement they will be able to make final recommendations to the commission of the sale and proceed with allowing it to take place. The change of ownership application was received on October 6th and is being reviewed. The staff has until October 24th to file recommendations regarding this sale. So long as the commission finds that the sale agreement complies with the terms of the settlement previously established by the commission and DPI they sale and change of ownership should go through.

There will be a change in ownership and control as well as technical and managerial qualifications. TruSmart will show proof of shareholder equity in TruSmart no less than $1 million dollars and a stand by letter of credit payable to the PUCT commission of $500,000. These requirements insure that the electric customers and ERCOT are protected against possible bad execution, default, and bankruptcy of the electric provider. TruSmart currently has Texas electric customers and is in compliance with all PUCT rules and has no history of default with their load servicing company.

This sale should be a big positive in an industry that has seen its fair share of prepaid electric companies keep prepayments and true-ups of their customers and close down business leaving the state with huge profits instead of selling when it was expedient and right to do so.

Amarillo, Texas Benefits from the New Nodal Market Structure

amarillo texas electric rates

Xcel Energy Services Inc. on behalf of Southwestern Public Service Company is headquartered in Amarillo Texas and is a fully integrated investor-owned electric utility that generates, transmits, distributes, and sells electric energy to approximately 386,000 energy consumers in the Panhandle and south plains of Texas and eastern New Mexico. Amarillo is not within the Texas Electric Reliability Council of Texas footprint. Amarillo Texas is outside the main electric grid that is used by the rest of the state of Texas.

Because Amarillo Texas is a part of the Southwest Power Pool and not ERCOT they are not subject to participate in the advanced meter program ERCOT is doing or the nodal market system that is revamping the ERCOT electric grid.

A new wholesale market structure will bring positive changes for consumers outside of Amarillo, Texas. The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) is set to change the current zonal market to a more efficient nodal market. You may be wondering exactly what this is and what it means to you.

In essence, the transmission grid in a zonal market is divided into different zones. The electricity in all of the units within one zone is dispatched at one price. A nodal market is laid out to match the transmission grid instead of breaking it up into zones. The value of electricity for every location, outside of Amarillo, Texas, is determined by various factors.

As confusing as this sounds, the benefits of a nodal market include more efficient dispatch, better price signals and the ability to “lock in” prices for electricity the day before it is actually delivered. The nodal market is much more precise and advanced than the zonal market.

If you have not compared electricity rates for Amarillo, Texas lately, now would be a good time although because Amarillo does not participate in the competitive Texas electric market you will not be able to change providers. The new market is sure to bring changes in the rates of area providers surrounding Amarillo. If you have a few minutes to spare, you can compare rates with our comparison chart but keep in mind if you are in Amarillo you can compare but you cannot switch to a new electric provider because Amarillo Texas has not opted into electric choice at this time.

Our unique comparison chart lists area electricity providers and their current rates outside of Amarillo Texas. You can see at a glance who has the lower rates and we even connect you to each provider’s website for further investigation.

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Take advantage of the new nodal market being implemented in Texas by using our comparison chart to find the provider that fits your electricity needs and budget outside of Amarillo Texas.

Commercial Texas Electric Prices Down Again Today

When Energy Markets Come Down Near Historical Lows

Today the energy markets came down again following a down day on Thursday and Friday. Commercial Texas electricity prices are at a good price range for those who have been holding out for just the right time to lock in their electric rates. By locking into an electricity price you are doing what many consider to be the safe way to procure energy. Texas electricity companies will buy natural gas futures in order to keep the electricity they sell you locked in at a specified price for 1, 2, or 3 years. So if you signed up at 1 year you will pay the same electricity price for that entire year. The other popular option would be to sign up on a MCPE electricity price. MCPE is a variable price that is managed by the Electric Reliability Council of Texas. The price changes every 15 minutes, 96 intervals a day and is not for the risk averse. For most Texas businesses looking to procure their electricity we recommend locking in on a fixed electricity rate. If electric rates were higher we might recommend doing a 50/50 blend where you have half on a fixed rate and half on MCPE. With some of the cheapest commercial electricity rates we have seen in a long time you might as well lock in rather then get on a variable electricity price.

Our Proposal Gives You a Clear Snapshot of What Electricity Prices and Terms are Available

We have a commercial electric price chart we update every so often that shows a snapshot of what electricity rates have been doing. You can click on the link above to see the chart to give you a ballpark on what you can expect when locking into a fixed Texas electricity rate. You can achieve a much cheaper electric rate than the daily rates seen on our chart. Daily electricity prices are generic prices with a larger retail margin built in because the exact usage and demand is not known for the commercial business. Our company can procure a cheaper electricity price for your Texas business by putting your historical or estimated electricity usage through a reverse auction. By letting the energy consultant have your exact usage and giving them a couple days to make a tailor made electric rate and proposal for your business you can knock off a half a penny to a penny off of your per kWh rate. The usage goes through a reverse auction process where up to 15 different electricity companies bid on your account. Not all providers bid on small usage just as not all providers bid on large electricity usage. Depending on the size and type of your Texas business will determine how many providers choose to bid on your account. We promise that we can achieve a cheaper Texas electricity price for your commercial business by putting your electricity usage through a reverse auction. If you were to go to the same provider to attempt to achieve the price we achieve for you it will not be as cheap of a rate.

Not a Shell Company for a Provider But a Full Service Energy Consulting Company

When using Electricity Bid to procure your electricity price you will be using a company that acts as an energy consultant on your companies behalf. We do not represent a particular electric company and our fee is paid by the provider and is the same regardless of the provider that wins the bid. There are some energy Texas consulting companies/brokers out there that represent one or two companies. These electricity consultants are nothing more than a shell company for a provider. These so called brokers are not representing your companies interest but are trying to make the one brand they sell sound as good as possible even though there may be several other electricity companies out there with cheaper electricity rates.

Bid Down Your Electricity Price and Save on Energy

We have helped hundreds of Texas businesses bid down their electricity price among the Texas energy providers by our reverse auction process. We have helped businesses that use tens of millions of kilowatt hours a year to those only using 30,000 kWh a year. No matter the size of your Texas business we can consult you on your current electricity provider, show you an apples to apples comparison of what you are paying now to what you could be paying and help educate you on the entire reverse auction process. Our strategy is to be as open, transparent, and educational as possible so you know exactly what you are choosing and why. If you were confused about your electricity bill and what sales people at some of the energy companies were telling you before you will have a complete understanding of what to know going forward after speaking to our energy consultant.

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