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Florida Power and Light bought Gexa Energy making Gexa Energy a much larger company then they started out as. Gexa began as a small Texas electric company which bought an already publicly traded company to get them into investor arena. It obviously worked as they grew by leaps and bounds and were bought by a very large electric company that not only sells retail electricity but has several natural gas power generation facilities. There were some serious billing issues during this transition merging with Florida Power and Light and they are just now getting things together. Gexa Energy offers competitive electric rates to small and medium sized commercial businesses while they have remained uncompetitive as of late for larger commercial and industrial companies. Gexa has moderately priced electric rates for residential homes in Texas but not the best. As an example, an electric company to compare with Gexa Energy would be to compare Startex Power with them in regards to Texas residential electricity. Champion Energy and Startex Electric have a lower month to month electric rate as well as lower 6 month and 12 month electric rate as of March 2008 but depending on when you read this the electric rates would have changed and things could be different. You can compare Startex Power’s rates with Gexa Energy’s at this promotional rate page: Startex Promo Rate

In the past, Gexa Energy would charge 2 average electric bills as an early termination penalty to its residential and commercial customers which was a bit of a price gouging tactic as this was more then the market make up in the profit lost in a canceled contract. Since then they have changed this policy and are a much better company to deal with. Accurate billing, low rates, and good customer service. Gexa is all right in our book.

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