Glowing Plant Project An Alternative to Traditional Lighting

glowing-plantThe glowing plant project is a new unique idea created by Stanford students in which by gene manipulation students want to make plants naturally grow to light a city.

The idea is to replace traditional lighting such as lighting done by incandescent and LED light bulbs with a glowing plant.

The project will start off with creating small glowing plants that each person who decides to back them will receive.

The small glowing plants will be a representation of things to come as their science delves in to the complexities of making things like large trees glow, etc.

Wouldn’t it be neat to have glowing trees and flowers in your yard? The only downside to a glowing tree and plants is that you can’t exactly turn the thing off.

As far as controversy regarding plant gene manipulation I can attest to the fact that this is nothing new. Just do a search for Monsanto and you will see a huge movement of people against this company for plant gene modifications.

Modifying the genes of plants has been going for awhile now and many people absolutely hate the idea because the claim is that the gene modified plants that give us our food also give us illnesses and kill the bees we need to pollinate our planet.

If we did have large glowing trees, flowers, grass, etc. would this further hurt the honey bee population that seems to be dwindling in numbers possibly due to plant gene manipulation?

A lot of these questions about the detrimental effects of plant gene modification are still up for debate but even still I do like the idea of a glow in the dark tree in my backyard.

This new kickstarter project promises to reward those who back the project with the opportunity to be among the first to have a glow in the dark plant when these Stanford students have them available.

You can learn more about this project by watching their video below:


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