August 2008 Houston Residential Electric Rates

List of Providers from Cheapest to Most Expensive in Houston

We have put together a list of the electric providers in Texas from cheapest to most expensive. The top 3 Texas electric providers in the list all happen to be a little cheaper then what those companies normally advertise. We worked out discount electric rates with these providers and Startex (the cheapest right now) has a high rating from the public utility commission of Texas in regards to customer satisfaction. Because these companies have the cheapest rates and have a high reputability factor we are listing them for our readers to sign up with. You will receive their discount rates provided you sign up online using the links in the list below. These rates were updated on August 20th so between now and September rates could go up or down with the market so these rates may be a little higher or lower as the month proceeds.

Congestion Problems in Houston Texas

If you are in or around Houston Texas you will notice that your city has higher rates then the rates in Dallas Texas. The Houston area has some of the highest electric rates in Texas across the board. The reason electric rates are higher in Houston has to do with congestion and line loss issues. The state of Texas is working on resolving the congestion and line loss issues in Houston Texas. Until the givernment comes up with a good plan for this you will continue to pay a little higher for your electricity then the rest of the state.

List of Electric Companies in Houston

 The city of Houston has some of the highest electric rates in the state due to line losses and congestion issues. This issue effects your electric rate regardless of the electric provider you choose. These issues are included in the non-negotiable  TDSP charges also known as pass through charges that are fixed by the PUCT and bundled into the residential electric rate. The nodal system the PUCT and ERCOT are working to implement in the state of Texas and Houston will help to alleviate this issue.

The only other place in Texas with higher electric rates then Houston is Brownsville Texas and surrounding AEP service area. Brownsville Texas is faced with the same issues that effect Houston and cause electric rates to be higher then they are in cities like Dallas or Laredo Texas.

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