Killeen Texas Energy Prices and Providers

In Killeen Texas you have Fort Hood and several quad and duplex locations where mostly military come to relocate to begin their military service. Many of the military in the Killeen Texas area need a low cost electricity price without the hassle of paying a deposit. Unfortunately even those who serve in the military are not given a break on deposit requirements when getting electricity service turned on in their name for the first time. No credit is the same as bad credit with most Texas electricity companies. We are always looking for an electric company willing to give military personnel some type of no deposit guarantee but this has not happened yet. Due to the circumstance of the economy most Killeen Texas electricity companies are going to ask you for $400 for a deposit to have electricity tuned on unless you have good credit. Credit policies change based on credit markets, banking policies, and government regulations but for now this is what a Killeen residential electricity customer can expect.

Are Pre Pay and Pay As You Go Electricity Companies A Good Way to Go?

There are such things as pre pay electric companies or pay as you go electricity service but we would like to recommend that military personnel avoid signing up on this type of service. You will be able to get electricity service turned on without a deposit but the rate is much higher. The prepaid electricity companies out there demand payment much sooner than a traditional electric company putting you in a similar crunch as you initially had when trying to come up with a deposit. They hook you in by only requiring $99 – $150 upfront to have your service turned on. After only a few weeks they usually demand somewhere in the neighborhood of $300 – $400 to continue to keep your service on. These dollar amounts continue each month as you prepay for your electricity service. Generally you can expect to pay almost 50% more for prepaid electricity service and the energy provider will need the money much sooner from you than a traditional Killeen Texas electricity provider. Rather than go through what many have described as a nightmare with a pay as you go energy supplier we recommend coming up with your initial deposit you will get back anyway and paying about 50% less than you would with a prepaid electricity company.

Deposits Can Be High But Establishing a Credit History is Important

Residential electricity service is expensive to turn on but by having service with a traditional electric company in Killeen you help in establishing your credit history as well as establishing on time bill payment to a utility. Many utilities will waive a deposit amount with 12 months bill copies showing you have paid your bills on time with your previous electricity utility company. We think you will find much more advantage in establishing your credit and payment history than going with a prepay company that does not report your payments to a credit bureau. By establishing your credit you will help establish yourself as a good paying customer and will not be required to pay a deposit to electricity company again. You will also help your credit and give yourself more of a chance for getting approved for home and car loans at reasonable interest rates.

Multiple Electricity Companies And Choices Available in the Killeen TX Area

In Killeen Texas you do have a choice with the electricity provider you decide to use and we think it is important to compare multiple traditional electric companies. We have provided a comparison of Killeen residential electricity rates and prices in the chart above. You will be presented with a default chart showing you several 1 year fixed rate terms. You can also locate 6 month, 2 year, 3 year and month to month electricity plans depending on your situation. The rates are ordered from cheapest to most expensive and most of the Killeen electricity companies will let you know online if your approved with no deposit required.

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